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Hiperwall Introduces HiperAccess Technology

Hiperwall is introducing HiperAccess, a powerful user-authentication system, in the next generation of Hiperwall Premium Suite software. This system enables video wall administrators to create user profiles and assign users to groups with different levels of accessibility. In addition, HiperAccess technology provides enhanced accountability with detailed logging of actions that include user information, actions attempted, and whether the action was allowed or denied.

Using a simple graphical interface, the administrator can easily create profiles, add them to groups, and change the permissions associated with groups. A user profile may be in more than one group, so the permissions for that user profile is the union of the permissions for all the groups to which it belongs. Users will authenticate themselves by logging in to the Hiperwall system. A user can be logged in via multiple Hiperwall interfaces simultaneously.

In providing access to the video wall, the video wall administrator needs to be aware of the actions a user performs during access. HiperAccess Technology conveniently logs session statistics and usage information for each user profile, giving the administrator the tools to manage user authorization control, trend analysis, and capacity planning activities.

HiperAccess technology is a valuable tool designed to help video wall administrators improve their control of a video wall while eliminating factors that negatively impact the integrity of the system. HiperAccess is easy to use and requires minimal involvement by the administrator or user during setup, which minimizes potential training and support times.

The HiperAccess Technology user authentication system is included in the Hiperwall Premium Suite 5.0 software licenses and as an optional add-on capability for Hiperwall Core Suite licenses.

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