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Almo Professional A/V Becomes a U.S. AV Distributor for Listen Technologies Products

Almo Professional A/V Tunes In To Assistive Listening Requirements; Becomes a U.S. AV Distributor for Listen Technologies Products

PHILADELPHIA — June 30, 2014 — Almo Professional A/V is making its commitment to assistive listening requirements loud and clear by becoming the first U.S. AV distributor to offer Listen Technologies’ full line of core Assistive Listening Systems, including RF and IR technologies. These products were created specifically to provide an enhanced personal audio experience due to hearing loss or the ambient acoustic environment. As part of the new distribution relationship, Almo is hosting a live webinar on assistive listening and ADA compliance led by Listen Technologies on Tuesday, July 1. Additionally, Listen Technologies has joined Almo’s traveling E4 AV Tour as both an exhibitor and a presenter.

According to Sam Taylor, executive vice president and COO for Almo Professional A/V, “Assistive Listening is now a requirement under the ADA and necessary in just about every AV project; however, some of our dealers do not have a lot of experience in this area. The Listen team understands the critical importance of dealer education on this topic and working with the industry on these issues.” He continued, “As a U.S. distributor offering Listen Technologies products, we are able to provide our partners with a new revenue model, add value to their projects, help them differentiate, and ensure they are satisfying required legislative compliance.”

“Almo Pro A/V is strong in relationships and education, and these are also core values for Listen Technologies,” said Cory Schaeffer, co-founder and vice president of business development for Listen Technologies. “The partnership allows us to focus more time on the dealer community as Almo Pro A/V already has deep-rooted relationships with these professionals. We are looking forward to the opportunity to help educate Almo partners on ADA compliance and the Assisted Listening Systems that are available through Almo. I’ve attended an E4 event in the past and the caliber of attendees and the education offered is second to none.”

Listen Technologies Products

Almo now carries the following products from Listen Technologies:

• Stationary RF: Allows wireless audio to be transmitted from a fixed-base transmitter to portable receivers like a private radio station. RF technology works indoors or outdoors for assistive listening, language interpretation, audio description or multi-channel audio distribution applications.

• Portable RF: The perfect solution for mobile tour groups, assistive listening and language interpretation applications. A microphone simply plugs into a compact body pack transmitter and wirelessly broadcasts the speaker’s voice to the intended audience.

• Stationary IR: Secure sound transmission that wirelessly transmits audio from a sound source to portable receivers each with earphones and controls. The big difference: privacy. Infrared technology uses a form of invisible light to transmit sound. As light is contained within a room, the presentation or conversation is kept within the confines of that space. IR is a great choice when a number of adjacent rooms make RF frequency allocation impractical.

• Digital IR. With up to 32 simultaneous channels, digital IR makes it easy to communicate in more advanced, demanding settings. It includes preconfigured systems, transmitters, radiators and receivers that fit into different types of applications.

Almo Webinar Led by Listen Technologies on July 1

“Listen Up! Why Every Dealer Needs to Learn About Assistive Listening & ADA Compliance” will be presented by Cory Schaeffer of Listen Technologies on Tuesday, July 1, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. In this informative session, attendees will learn why assistive listening systems have become mandatory for every AV project, how Pro AV resellers can easily add these solutions to their product and service offerings to increase revenue and add value to their clients, and what technologies are available, including RF & IR solutions, as well as Listen Technologies’ Loop and new iDSP systems. To register, click here.

E4 AV Tour

Almo Pro A/V will resume its traveling E4 AV Tour this fall with stops in Boston on October 3 and Washington, D.C., on October 17. During these events, Listen Technologies will have a booth in the E4 Expo hall and will lead a session on the ADA requirements for assistive listening and the technologies offered to meet those requirements. InfoComm Renewal Units will be available for this session.

Now in its fifth year, the E4 tour continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of AV resellers, integrators and consultants. Credited as the industry’s most specialized one-day dealer event, E4 has traveled to countless cities to serve the product, technical and business training needs of thousands of resellers and installers while creating the ideal forum for professional networking.

About Almo Professional A/V

Almo Professional A/V provides the industry’s most advanced product distribution, training and education, and technical support options available for the Pro AV community. With a highly skilled sales team, reseller education programs, seven distribution centers across the U.S. and product lines for the Pro A/V channel, Almo Professional A/V provides customers with the full distribution experience on a local and a personal level. Almo Professional A/V is a division of Almo Corp., the nation’s leading independent distributor of consumer electronics and major appliances. For more information about Almo Professional A/V, please call 888-420-2566 or go to

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About Listen Technologies

Listen Technologies brings power and clarity to the sounds that enrich people’s lives with solutions that overcome the challenges of noise, distance, clashing conversations, and hearing loss to deliver precise and personalized audio in any setting or environment. This starts with trusted, industry-leading assistive listening solutions that are compliant with government regulations and ready to bring clear, focused, and personalized audio to all kinds of performance venues and public spaces. Convenient and easy-to-use wireless tour group and language interpretation solutions make it easy for public speakers, guides, and language translators to be heard clearly even in the noisiest and most chaotic indoor and outdoor settings. ListenPoint amplification systems bring clear, consistent, and affordable audio to meeting rooms and classrooms. And Listen Technologies’ family of conferencing solutions turns any room into a personalized communication center where every participant can hear and be heard with perfect clarity. For more information, go to


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