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Animate BootCamp Launches in Syracuse; Dean Lyon Takes the Helm

SYRACUSE, NY — May 11, 2022 — Animate BootCamp, a creative innovation company, has launched in Syracuse with a mission to provide education and workforce development initiatives, offering professional level training in animation and visual effects. Co-founder and key mentor Dean Lyon has relocated to Syracuse to lead the program. Classes begin June 1, and interested students can find more information and sign up at

Having worked on countless film and video productions, including award-winning blockbusters like “Lord of the Rings,” “Avatar,” and the “Star Wars” franchise, Lyon honed his skills and built up his reputation working on creative special effects at the top geographic centers in the world, including Hollywood, New York City, London, New Zealand, and Miami. Now Lyon is bringing his expertise in visual effects and computer animation to central New York state to help grow a new epicenter for the global animation industry.

“The Animate BootCamp model is something we’ve developed over several years and tested in other parts of the world. It’s proven to identify top talent and then nurture the up and comers,” said Lyon. “The content creation industry is rapidly expanding and is an exciting place to be, with a plethora of opportunities for young people to explore. We want to share our knowledge of the industry so that newcomers not only know what the choices are, but also walk away with the basic training, the skills and the portfolio to go out and pursue their careers.”

The Animate BootCamp program includes paid internship opportunities and career placement advice for all graduates.

Lyon has also partnered with Syracuse-based Five Peaks Animation, founded by the successful producer, director, and writer Monte Young, a Syracuse University alumnus. Headquartered at PBS WCNY-TV, they have an impressive slate of projects in various stages of production.

“There is not a single industry these days that doesn’t rely on display technology,” Lyon adds. “Teaching visual storytelling and artistic screen design prepares our graduates to succeed in any career path they may choose.”

The first Animate BootCamp, beginning June 1, is aimed at college-level artists and animators. It will be followed, on July 16, by a program that will accept high-school age mentees. These ongoing BootCamp programs will repeat throughout the year with additional advanced level and related industry BootCamps to be announced.

Initially, classes will be held online, with Animate BootCamp providing several support locations where mentees can access robust computers and faster internet connections.

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About Dean Lyon
Dean Lyon is a globally-renowned visual effects creator and computer animation innovator with more than 35 years’ experience collaborating with cutting-edge directors, motion picture studios, production companies, post-production facilities and technology developers throughout the world. He is passionate about the creative use of technology to transform the art of visual storytelling and is regarded as a futurist by colleagues within the industry.

About Animate BootCamp
Animation BootCamp is a creative innovation company that was launched in partnership between Dean Lyon and Brad Beckman, a Syracuse University instructor, based on their expertise and a proven business model that has been deployed in other locales. Their previous mentorships have launched many successful careers in animation and visual effects.

About Five Peaks Animation
Five Peaks Animation a creator of children’s animation shows, is now partnered with WCNY and the Central New York STEAM High School to produce several educational TV series that will provide training and jobs to aspiring and accomplished animators in the region.

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