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Best-Tronics relies on RF Venue essential wireless audio accessories for major touring acts

— Top touring artists including Queensrÿche, Veil of Maya, and Mt. Joy rely on the Chicago-area wiring and RF expert Best-Tronics to build rock-solid wireless infrastructure, choosing RF Venue® essential accessories for wireless audio, including the COMBINE4, DISTRO4™, Diversity Fin® Antenna, and the CP Beam™ Antenna because the gear “works amazingly and won’t break on the road…never fails and because there can never be dropouts” —

Walpole, MA — Best-Tronics Manufacturing has kept Chicago-area musicians connected for half a century now. Since 1973, the family-owned company has been the go-to firm for musicians who needed rock-solid on-stage audio components – including cables, racks, pedalboards and wireless systems. It’s a highly specialized role they’ve served for artists including Queensrÿche, Veil of Maya, Mt. Joy, Scarlett O’Hara and others. And virtually every one of those mission-critical assemblies include RF components from RF Venue, according to Brad Bartosz, audio department and artist-relations manager at Best-Tronics, because the gear “works amazingly and won’t break on the road. It never fails, and that’s why we choose it every time.”

Whether it’s the backline rack or a pedalboard at the edge of the stage, “Every one of those has to work every single time, so we put an enormous amount of care and effort into each build,” says Bartosz, , who notes that Best-Tronics also serves customers in the medical and military sectors, as well as live production. “RF Venue products have been part of those assemblies for years, too.”

RF Venue essential accessories for wireless audio that are regular components of these assemblies include the COMBINE4 IEM transmitter combiner, the DISTRO4 antenna distribution system for wireless microphones (which not only distributes RF but eliminates wall-warts by providing receiver power), the patented cross-polarized Diversity Fin Antenna for wireless microphone reception, and the circularly polarized CP Beam Antenna for wireless IEMs. Bartosz cites the value of even such simple features such as RF Venue’s use of an IEC-compatible connector for power, instead of relying on often-cumbersome AC/DC adaptors (which add another potential point of failure and weight to assemblies). “A lot of these racks and pedalboards are used on overseas tours, so the IEC-compatible connector is a huge plus for those users, because it standardizes power supplies,” he says. “It also lets us mix and match gear on the boards and racks more easily and makes it easier to terminate.”

“Every RF Venue component is chosen based on what’s needed for each particular rack or pedalboard,” says Bartosz. “But they’re also chosen because there can never be dropouts. We use any number of wireless systems for our customers, and the RF Venue gear works flawlessly with all of them. It’s also built to last. Other combiners, for instance, you almost have to take them apart and screw them back together harder to get them to last. RF Venue gear comes ready to fly right out of the box.”


Photo caption: The front view of an on-stage audio component rack featuring RF Venue wireless audio essential accessories built for Queensrÿche by Chicago-area wiring and RF expert Best-Tronics

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