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Bose Professional Expands FreeSpace Amplifier Line with Four New Models

New FreeSpace amplifiers offer high-quality amplification (2 x 120 W) for either high or low impedance applications and enhance installations using Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers

InfoComm, Orlando, FL, June 17, 2015 – Bose® Professional (booth 859) has broadened its FreeSpace® amplifier line with a set of four dual-channel amplifiers optimized for premium commercial applications such as retail, restaurants and hospitality. There are two mixer amplifiers (IZA 2120-HZ, IZA 2120-LZ) and two expansion amplifiers (ZA 2120-HZ, ZA 2120-LZ) each at 120 watts per channel. FreeSpace amplifiers can be quickly configured without a PC, enabling each installation to be customized easily and intuitively. In addition, FreeSpace amplifiers offer a range of models and features to enhance any audio installation using Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers.

The IZA models include an integrated audio DSP providing Bose loudspeaker EQ, Bose Dynamic EQ, Opti-voice® paging/ducking, audio mixing/routing, bass/treble adjustments, remote control options and an auto standby feature. The ZA models support sound system expansion when using front-end Bose products such as FreeSpace integrated zone amplifiers and ControlSpace® engineered sound processors.

New FreeSpace Integrated Zone Amplifiers (IZA 2120-HZ and IZA 2120-LZ)
For background/foreground music and paging applications, Bose FreeSpace integrated zone amplifiers elevate the audio experience when using FreeSpace loudspeakers. Optimized for commercial applications, FreeSpace IZA amplifiers feature selectable Loudspeaker EQ to enrich audio quality, Opti-voice paging for clear speech intelligibility while providing seamless transitions and Dynamic EQ that ensures full and balanced music at any volume level.

Additionally, the IZA 2120-HZ offers true two-zone capability, providing two independent outputs that each support volume/source selection remotes, EQ, tone controls and paging/auxiliary routing options.

New FreeSpace Zone Amplifiers (ZA 2120-HZ and ZA 2120-LZ)
Bose FreeSpace zone amplifiers are designed to provide basic amplification and sound system expansion when using front-end Bose products, such as FreeSpace integrated zone amplifiers and ControlSpace engineered sound processors. ZA zone amplifiers offer excellent audio quality from a reliable, high-quality Class-D amplifier. When connected to an IZA integrated zone amplifier, the ZA zone amplifier allows for easy system expansion. Chained amplifiers will function together as a single expanded system, sharing the same music, paging sources, master volume control and optional loudspeaker equalization. Each ZA zone amplifier comes in a compact, lightweight design for uncomplicated installation in a range of locations.

Ashraf Elghamrawi, Bose Professional Product Line Manager, Amplifiers, states, “At higher power levels, our four new 2x120W IZA/ZA amplifiers greatly expand the size and complexity of the venues for which FreeSpace amps can be used. These models don’t need a PC or programming and with just a few switches can be tailored to almost any commercial installation. As one of our dealers said, ‘There are not many places where these amps can’t be used.’”

The new products are being introduced at InfoComm 2015, with market availability expected around October 2015.

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