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Case Study: Faculty of Education installs TecPodium Portable Multimedia Stations

The University Faculty of Education has recently completed the construction of new seminar labs and equipped them with Tecom TecPodium WorkStations.

One of the main issues the classrooms were suffering from was the AV system integration at the teacher consoles. When introduced with TecPodium WorkStation, both Faculty and technical teams felt this will be the right and the perfect choice.

The small and compact rooms turned into complete presentation and collaboration rooms immediately. As the dimensions of the new seminar rooms were quite limited, special wheel set was added to allow positioning of the WorkStation in different locations.

TecPodium WorkStation – Compact AV Console

The TecPodium Lecterns were connected to professional 65” LED displays and interactive short-throw projectors. The lecturers can sit or stand up while giving their presentations and still use and control all the multimedia equipment easily for Tecom unique control panel.

TecPodium WorkStation – Portable & Easy-to-Use

All the AV equipment, PC, laptop guest computer connections, sound control and many other components were integrated into a small form, compact and easy to use console. The AV equipment is locked and secure, offering aesthetically pleasant sight.

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