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Discover Video Introduces Intelligent Caching for Enterprise Video

Discover Video announced the revolutionary StreamPump® intelligent video caching appliance today.  StreamPump makes it possible to deploy live video and video-on-demand throughout a private enterprise network at virtually any scale while preserving bandwidth use.

When linked to Discover Video’s world-class DEVOS Visual Communications Platform, StreamPumps located at branch offices or distributed throughout a network, automatically and transparently deliver content to desktops and mobile devices which eliminates excessive bandwidth use.  Using a unique intelligent caching algorithm, live video streams and on-demand content is distributed to the StreamPumps either when it is needed or on a scheduled basis. Viewers then transparently receive their desired content from the StreamPump nearest to them.

“Branch offices and remote locations are too often left out of the corporate video strategy because of network constraints” said Rich Mavrogeanes, Discover Video’s CEO. “Very often, the whole point of a video platform is to bring an entire community together to share important live news, information, and training, and to give all employees access to organized video-on-demand assets, presentations, conferences, and even digital signage. StreamPump with intelligent caching not only makes that possible, it makes it very easy.”

StreamPump is not limited to remote locations. It can be deployed anywhere there is a concern about network bandwidth usage, such as across a campus network or on particular LAN segments.  Using a unique “phone home” approach, the StreamPumps don’t even need fixed IP addresses and are close to “plug and play”, making it possible to mail a box to a location to cover overflow and temporary events. 

The system automatically manages cache storage and requires only minimal initial setup. It supports both DEVOS on-premises and Cloud solutions.  

StreamPump comes with a 1 Gbps network capacity and 1 TB of cache storage and is available now.

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