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Eiki’s Wireless Conference Microphone System Brings Clarity to Verona City Government

Verona, NJ – September 2018… Located in Essex County, the township of Verona is home to roughly 13,200 people and is located a short drive northwest of New York City. In order to provide city officials and others with an easy-to-use, robust microphone system for the meetings at the Verona Town Hall, the local government recently had a new conferencing system installed. After evaluating a variety of options, the decision was made to deploy the 2.4G Wireless Conference System from Eiki International, Inc. of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

Gramco Business Communications of Clifton, NJ, an AV design / build firm that provides a variety of integrated, customized solutions to courtrooms, police departments, law firms, classrooms, and other commercial properties. Tom Graziano, the company’s President and chief sales officer, and IT Director Jimmy Bucci collectively took the project from concept to completion. They discussed the project.

The town hall where the new Eiki microphone system was installed is home to a variety of activities, Graziano reports. “These functions include meetings of the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustments, as well as numerous events related to Township activities. It was important that the new microphone system be easily scaled to accommodate different size meeting groups, and the Eiki Wireless Conference Microphone system addresses this type of situation very nicely.”

Featuring advanced 2.4G frequency hopping and digital transmission technology, the Eiki wireless microphone system does a terrific job of minimizing interference, resulting in clean, clear audio. With its integrated frequency shift, feedback suppression, intelligent balancing, and other functions, the system provides high gain before feedback, with clean, clear transmission of the audio signal.

“The Eiki mic system is basically a plug and play package,” Bucci explained. “The setup was accomplished by simply following a series of prompts on the controller display. It was quick and easy to deploy and gave us no issues whatsoever. Equally notable, the system can readily accommodate upwards of 16 microphones. The Eiki mic system provides useful features such as the ability of the Chairman to override delegate units as well as the ability to approve or reject delegates who request to speak. The fact that the microphones are on gooseneck stands makes it easier to achieve good pickup and each mic stand has a bright red indicator to show who is speaking at any given time.”

With many commercial AV installations, questions inevitably arise—so having responsive and capable customer and technical support services is crucial to keeping many such projects on schedule. When queried about their experience with Eiki, Graziano offered the following thoughts. “The Eiki wireless microphone system was so intuitive in terms of its installation, we really didn’t have any need for support,” he said. “However, my experience with the company with pre-sales inquiries and previous communications has always been positive.”

The Eiki 2.4G Wireless Conference System was installed in late August and the equipment was first placed into service in early September. Since that time, Graziano reports he client is very pleased. “We’ve received numerous compliments on the mic system. The system is easy to use, it provides solid audio gain, and has a rich feature set—all at a cost that is perfectly reasonable. I fully expect we will continue to specify this system on future projects.”

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About EIKI

Founded in 1953 in Osaka, Japan, the company established its international network with film projection. The EIKI name literally means “projectors” in Japanese. Today, the company manufactures and markets a broad range of projection technology for education, religion, government and business communication, and offer it through a network of professional audio video dealers.


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