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Enhance Conference Room Safety and Productivity With Maxell’s Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Corporate facilities and offices are beginning to wrap up their year with a work from home model still in place, however, as we look toward 2021 and eventually getting back to the office full time, proper safety measures must be put in place. Much of the traditional office space will look different with more space between desks, but collaborative working and meeting spaces are still essential to the success of many businesses. Integration of ultra-short throw projectors is beneficial in the short term for safety concerns, while also being a lasting solution for corporate spaces.

Ultra-short throw projectors make it easy for offices to facilitate safe and effective meetings in mid to large-size conference rooms with social distancing protocols. The projector’s expansive 130-inch display makes it easy for any employee to see presentations and stay engaged during meetings, especially compared to the traditional 65- to 75-inch display size for flat panels. While interactive features on ultra-short throw projectors may not be used in the near future, the up to 40,000 hours light source for laser projectors provides years of use from projectors installed for current safety needs.

“We know that offices and employees will return to work and in-person meetings based on their own timeline. As they do this, we want to ensure that their collaborative meeting spaces are fully equipped to accommodate proper social distancing protocol without compromising function and productivity,” Says Ray Soltys, Director of Sales at Maxell. “With ultra-short throw projectors, users are able to produce a large image in a limited space with clarity. This larger display allows for the space to be used from the very front all the way to the back without losing image quality.”

Maxell’s line of 3LCD ultra short throw projectors can help to ensure near-term safety practices are being met within office and conference rooms by providing a larger display size for employees in mid to large size conference spaces. Running from 3,300 to 4,200 ANSI lumens brightness, the ultra-short throw projectors provide bright colors and clear text for meeting attendees and presenters with an enhanced visual experience.

As safety in the workplace remains a top priority for employers and employees alike, creating effective and collaborative environments will be key to success. With Maxell’s ultra-short throw projectors, offices and corporate facilities can ensure that employees do not trade safety for productivity and engagement.

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