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Four new Calrec Brios take wing in VER flypacks

HEBDEN BRIDGE, U.K. — 5 December 2017 —

VER, a global provider of production equipment and solutions, has added four brand-new Calrec Audio Brio compact desks to its operation. The Calrec Brios raise VER’s Calrec inventory to 13 consoles that are shipped in rental flypacks to broadcasters and production companies for coverage of a variety of live sports and entertainment events.

“Over several years, we’ve built a great relationship with Calrec. We know we can count on the desks for the highest reliability, best sound quality, and most robust feature set, with outstanding support from the Calrec team,” said Steve Cormier, VER’s director of broadcast audio and communications. “Our customers are also a large driver for us to continue investing in Calrec. These desks are standard in remote broadcasting, and the majority of mixers are familiar and comfortable with Calrec.

“With the new Brios giving us greater versatility in both size and price point, we can serve broader markets with the same Calrec quality; for instance, reality TV productions often require a smaller-format console. Plus, being able to operate the Brios on the same Hydra2 network as the other Calrecs gives us, and our users, maximum flexibility.”

Based in Glendale, California, VER is a leading global supplier of equipment and technical expertise for television, cinema, live music, sports, and corporate production. Equipped with Hyrdra2, MADI, and Dante interfaces, the four Brios join VER’s Calrec stable of two Artemis 64-fader desks, four Artemis consoles with 40 faders, two 32-fader Artemis desks, a Summa 36+8, and two Calrec router cores.

The consoles are shipped in flypacks to create remote control rooms for live coverage of a wide range of golf, basketball, and football events as well as live entertainment broadcasts. A Brio console can serve as the primary audio desk in small flypacks, and they can also provide submix or small control on large flypacks. Most recently, a VER client used a Brio as part of a fully outfitted flypack for its coverage of the Electronic Music Awards.

“With a 35-year history and offices around the world, VER supports more than 100 productions each day,” said Dave Lewty, regional sales manager, Calrec Audio. “And with its strategy to offer remote flypacks for every size of production, VER is a real innovator — especially as the broadcast industry becomes more and more competitive and companies are looking to do everything they can to reduce production costs.

“Understandably, VER sets the bar very high for the technology and equipment brands it represents, so its large investment in Calrec consoles is a huge vote of confidence in our technology and service.”

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Calrec Audio Brio compact desks shipped by VER to broadcasters and production companies for coverage of a variety of live sports and entertainment events.

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