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Gravity VARI-ARM series now available

Gravity® announces the availability of the new VARI®-ARM series. The versatile product series includes four models (VARI®-ARM M14, VARI®-ARM M38, VARI®-ARM L38 and VARI®-ARM L TV) with different threads and brackets and enables the safe and flexible positioning of different equipment – from cameras and camera monitors to microphones and pop filters to recorders or smartphones. The special feature of the VARI®-ARM: the three joints are locked and released with only one central adjusting screw, making the VARI®-ARM a universal tool for creative applications.

Each VARI®-ARM model is based on a stable articulated arm made of steel with three joints that allow equipment to be moved completely freely and precisely into any desired position. The three joints can be tightened and loosened again with just one hand via the centrally mounted adjusting screw.

Depending on the application, the Gravity VARI®-ARM series offers the right solution:

For video producers, photographers and YouTubers looking for a flexible camera monitor mount, the VARI®-ARM M14 is the perfect camera monitor mount for film, photo or video shooting. For this purpose, the VARI®-ARM M14 has a 1/4″ thread at both ends that is compatible with almost every camera monitor on the market as well as every commercially available photo camera and smartphone mount.

For precise positioning of a camera in the home studio or on the road, the VARI®-ARM M38 is the ideal choice. Equipped with a 3/8″ thread and a solid mounting bracket with a particularly wide clamping range (15-35 mm), the VARI®-ARM M38 is not only suitable as a mount for heavy broadcast microphones, but also for mounting with a screwed-on SLR camera on tabletops. For this purpose, the VARI®-ARM M38 comes with an adapter (3/8″ to 1/4″ reduction thread).

Musicians, creatives and podcasters will find the VARI®-ARM L38 a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of situations, including as a quick-action microphone arm for mounting to desks, microphone stands or any other surface. The VARI®-ARM L38 has the same thread and clamp equipment as the VARI®-ARM M38, but thanks to its extended arm length (415 mm instead of 270 mm), it is particularly suitable for flexible alignment of microphones in front of instruments.

Event technicians, live musicians and studio producers will appreciate the VARI®-ARM L TV with its two 16 mm TV spigot adapters. In this way, the articulated arm can be attached to a Super Clamp and mounted above it on any truss construction. Thanks to the possibility of unscrewing one of the two TV adapters and using the integrated 1/4″ thread, the application options range from mounting an overhead microphone in interview situations to an action cam to mounting small LED lights in the photo studio.

Make Magic – the image video of the VARI®-ARM series can be found here.

The Gravity VARI®-ARM series is available now.

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