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Huddly launches selective channel partner program to champion value-added resellers

While other brands push products through ever-wider distribution strategies, Huddly is taking the opposite approach. In a new global program for value-added resellers, Huddly partners exclusively with select resellers and prohibits third-party platform sales.

In the AV industry, one size does not fit all. Millions of people struggle daily with inadequate, unreliable AV gear. The pandemic years have forced value-added resellers to compete with internet resellers and third-party platforms by offering standardized solutions.

To counteract this trend and drive growth for its channel partners, Huddly–a leading provider of AI video conferencing cameras–has launched a selective global partner program. Drawing on the experience of its commercial team, including CCO Daniel Johansson, who has a proven track record of implementing successful partner programs at Tandberg and Cisco, the Huddly Partner Program acknowledges the importance of value-added resellers in the industry.

“Value-added resellers are at the heart of the AV industry,” says Johansson. “They excel at building strong client relationships by delivering bespoke solutions. Our new partner program is designed to support the great work done by resellers and help them achieve their business goals. Throughout the program’s creation, we took great care to incorporate partner feedback to ensure that we provide them with the tools they need to succeed.”

Reseller enablement and support

From July 3rd, 2023, only authorized Huddly Partners will be allowed to sell and represent Huddly. The company’s decision to halt third-party platform sales is a significant move towards boosting its channel business and maximizing profitability, demonstrating its dedication to value-added reseller partners.

“Higher channel revenue is critical to our objective of increasing gross margin, and we are committed to achieving this by supporting the long-term success of our resellers,” emphasizes Johansson. “To that end, we are implementing a selective distribution policy to ensure our partners’ success through focused partner enablement and support. We are fortunate to have great relationships with key global resellers and believe this program will strengthen our bond with them while adding value for our end users.”

CCO Daniel Johansson

A powerful deal registration program

The program is selective and comprehensive, providing resellers with substantial benefits to help them increase their margins while protecting the value chain.

As Johansson notes: “Our partners’ hard work and success are integral to our own, and we want to reward their efforts. Approved Huddly Partners will enjoy the protection of our powerful deal registration program, which provides pricing benefits and promotes close alignment with Huddly for those who lead with our solutions and register projects early.”

In addition to deal registration, the program offers partners resources and support for growth. This includes access to product and marketing tools, technical support, and training programs.

Building strong partnerships

The program comprises three levels, each created to meet unique business goals. Huddly provides a range of benefits for partners who seek closer collaboration. These include funds for market development, substantial discounts, personalized support, and the opportunity to sell the Huddly Crew AI-directed multi-camera system, recently awarded by Frost & Sullivan for its innovative approach to hybrid meetings.

Johansson comments: “As a company committed to empowering human collaboration, Huddly recognizes the importance of strong partnerships. We opted for a selective approach to prioritize close collaboration with partners who share our commitment to tailored solutions and exceptional customer care. Together, we can provide users with the best experience.”

Applications open now

Applications for the Huddly Partner Program are now being accepted, and Huddly has set up an online authorization process that lets resellers register their interest. To be eligible, resellers must have an agreement with an authorized Huddly distributor.

Visit to learn more and apply.

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