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Hybrid classrooms for distance learning in college – A new reality with Tecom electronics solutions

Tecom Electronics has successfully completed another installation of Audio-Video equipment at the academic college, includes a complete solution for hybrid classrooms.

In the classrooms and lecture halls, PTZ cameras, TecPodium smart AV lectern, advanced microphones and sound systems were installed for the benefit of use of the lectures staff and for the convenience of the students for distance learning as well.

Following the new reality, it was decided by the college to provide comprehensive and technological equipment that would allow continuity and distance learning even on days of isolation and other limitations.

Tecom Electronics AV solutions – Hybrid classrooms

The user experience is in high quality, accurate and meets all the needs of the professional staff and students. Embedded solutions include high-quality audio microphones, robotic PTZ cameras with exceptional image sharpness that enable board capture, sound and projection systems and more.

The operation of the Technological systems in the classrooms is simple, easy to use and does not require prior technical knowledge.

The lecturers and students in the hybrid advanced classrooms report zero glitches and an excellent, professional and efficient user experience with an easy-to-use equipment.

Tecom specialized in making complex and complicated technological equipment accessible and upgrading classrooms for its customers satisfactions.

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