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New Project – New hybrid classrooms and TecPodium I smart AV lecterns in a new college

A nationwide college with several branches campuses for engineering and technology that offers professional study tracks, chose Tecom’s technological, hybrid and professional audio-video solutions for all of their classrooms.

Tecom installed in dozens of classrooms in various learning centers TecPodium I smart AV lecterns and pro AV equipment for hybrid classrooms for the ease of use by the college staff and students.

TecPodium I is a compact, smart and high-quality lectern which controls on all the multimedia and AV equipment installed in the classroom, simple to use in a push of a button.

The hybrid classrooms were equipped with the best advanced technology include robotic PTZ cameras in full HD with exceptional image sharpness, microphones, sound systems, professional projectors and screens, advanced control systems adapted to hybrid classrooms and more.

Best advanced technology installed by Tecom in the hybrid classrooms

Operating the systems in the classrooms is simple, easy to use and does not require prior technical knowledge.

Now, presenters and staff can deliver their lessons and lectures without any glitches and complications using computers, laptops, sound system and projectors with a high quality experience that meets all the user’s needs.

The advantages of using Tecom AV solutions include:

TecPodium smart lecterns control the AV equipment, simple to use and reliable

Capture of classes, training and professional discussions

Option to live broadcast and stream

High-quality and advanced equipment which is simple to use, highly reliable, flexible and customized

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