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Latest Iteration of nxt|edit Gains Host of New Features Including ‘Auto Ducking’

nxtedition has added a raft of new features to its nxt|edit solution, including additional audio and video tracks, a blur function and an ‘auto ducking’ feature which will automatically reduce the level of other audio tracks when a voiceover is being recorded live. The nxt|edit feature was launched with the latest software upgrade earlier this year, and the philosophy was to create a ‘flipside’ edit on any video imported into the nxtedition agile platform. This facilitates super fast cuts for news, sport, promos or digital content.

Thanks to the new features, at the flip of a switch any video imported or ingested to nxtedition instantly becomes a collaborative edit by default. Following the same intuitive UI design philosophy that is nxtedition’s hallmark, the system is easy for users to learn and super fast to put cuts together for packages, social media, Apps, websites, video walls and B-roll voice overs without ever having to exit the nxtedition UI.

All nxtedition users, with permission, can now share and adjust edits. Journalists in the field can also access the system remotely over VPN and 4G/5G mobile connection for even faster turnaround of content packages.

The new features are wrapped up in the nxtedition ecosphere, meaning users can access growing files from Baseband / NDI® / SRT / HLS / RTMP or RTSP sources through the ingest server, then publish their edits to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, or throw them into a rundown to playout live, publish to OTT or drop them directly into a playout channel to air. Using nxt|edit they can even do all of those tasks at the same time, manually or automatically.

“Enabling great storytelling and helping our customers get their content to every platform faster than anyone else is always at the heart of what we do,” said Robert Nagy, Lead Developer & Co-Founder. “The infinite flexibility of an agile microservices environment allows nxtedition clients to be the first notification on the phone for breaking news, action from a big game or second screen leverage during entertainment shows and these latest capabilities allow for even greater levels of productivity, collaboration and blistering speed.”

nxtedition – be fast, be accurate and be first.

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