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Listen Technologies to Exhibit at Integrated Systems Europe 2023

Listen Technologies will showcase popular ListenTALK, Listen EVERYWHERE, and ListenIR solutions during Integrated Systems Europe 2023

Integrated Systems Europe 2023


BLUFFDALE, UTAH – January 23, 2023 – Listen Technologies Corporation, the leading provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for 24 years, will showcase its full suite of products, including the popular ListenTALK, Listen EVERYWHERE, and ListenIR product lines, at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Barcelona January 31-February 3, 2023 during Integrated Systems Europe 2023. Listen Technologies invites media to visit stand 3P750 at ISE to see product demonstrations and learn more about applications of its technology.

Listen Technologies continues to innovate and offer products that foster inclusion and help people hear clearly in challenging listening environments. Among the features Listen Technologies will highlight at ISE are the improved functionality of ListenTALK, upgrades to Listen EVERYWHERE, and the interoperability of ListenIR. The company also will spotlight recent, creative installations of its technology across industries. All of Listen Technologies’ products are available now, in stock, and ready to ship.  


“We are excited to kick off 2023 in Barcelona and eager to connect with our partners, colleagues, and friends from across the industry and around the world,” said Maile Keone, president and CEO of Listen Technologies. “I’m always inspired at ISE and this year, as Listen Technologies approaches its twenty-fifth anniversary, I’m proud of the advancements we have made as an industry and as an organization, and the positive impact we have on others with our technology.”


ListenTALK: An All-In-One, Stand-Alone System 


ListenTALK is Listen Technologies’ simple, portable group communication system. It is an all-in-one solution for interpretation, assistive listening, and tours and training. ListenTALK features small, lightweight transceivers (combination transmitter/receiver) that can easily be grouped for one- or two-way communication and quickly charged and disinfected between uses. In environments where an installed assistive listening system is not feasible, such as schools and corporate facilities, ListenTALK is a reliable, stand-alone system. ListenTALK also makes it easy for interpreters to receive and transmit language interpretation from a single unit without having to carry additional equipment. Up to 30 groups can be created and/or languages can be interpreted in the same space in Europe, making ListenTALK an ideal solution for trade shows, conventions, and other large events.


Listen EVERYWHERE: Familiar, Convenient, and Discreet


Listen EVERYWHERE is Listen Technologies’ audio over Wi-Fi solution that streams audio over a Wi-Fi network to personal smart devices. Users download the free Listen EVERYWHERE app, select a channel, and listen to live or recorded venue audio through their smart device using headphones, earbuds, or by streaming directly to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids or cochlear implants. Listen Technologies introduced a new Listen EVERYWHERE server with Dante last year. There also is a Private Channel feature. Listen EVERYWHERE is ideal in houses of worship and education settings where congregants and students regularly visit the venue and are likely to have their smartphone. With Listen EVERYWHERE, users do not need to check out a receiver or call attention to themselves. It provides convenient, inconspicuous assistive listening.


ListenIR: Compatible with other Transmitters/Radiators 

ListenIR is Listen Technologies’ infrared (IR) product that offers reliable coverage and a cost-effective and easy way to install a solution for assistive listening, interpretation, and other wireless audio applications. ListenIR transmits clear, focused sound over infrared directly to the listener without amplifying ambient noise. ListenIR is compatible with other manufacturers’ transmitters/radiators and provides superior audio quality and a better user interface than other available receivers. It also can extend the usefulness of systems that have ceased production.

Application Stories

The versatility of Listen Technologies solutions is evident in several recent installations. Case studies Listen Technologies will highlight at ISE include:

  • Crown Center for Senior LivingListenTALK facilitates communication and fosters engagement in a senior living community in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Marvin – A manufacturer in Warroad, Minnesota, uses ListenTALK for tours of its manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. 
  • Central Hall Westminster With such a rich history of speakers and gatherings, it is crucial for Central Hall to use audio equipment that provides visitors and listeners with an excellent auditory experience. This commitment to providing an excellent experience extends to every visitor, including patrons with hearing loss.

About Listen Technologies   


Listen Technologies enriches lives by providing assistive listening and communication solutions so everyone can hear clearly and share the same great experience. Listen’s innovative products serve those with hearing loss and enable inclusive experiences for all guests. Listen solutions are used in various venues and settings, including houses of worship, higher education facilities, performing arts centers, courtrooms, tours, and manufacturing plants. Our vision is to improve life’s experiences through sound by providing exceptional audio anytime, anywhere, on any platform. To learn more about how Listen Technologies delivers a better way to hear the world,       


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