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Live Event DJ Finds Easy Way to Stream Wireless HD Video with Zero Latency

Setting up AV systems on the road is often anything but easy. Camcorders, video screens, cabling and much more must all be impeccably implemented on the fly to ensure a seamless experience for the audience.  John Young, a live events professional who also works for the Disc Jockey News Corporation, recently tapped Gefen for high definition wireless video extension in the field, including large-scale youth rallies in Northern Minnesota.

“I started using the GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 60GHz unit for a few different events,” he said. “In one, I run high definition content from one of my video cameras to the projection screen so the audience can watch themselves dance. It’s great because I can now stream zero latency video without the cable run.”

In the live events industry, DJs often play music videos or live feeds in the background and latency issues are pivotal. Nobody wants to see a delay or loss of picture, and today’s audiences are quite savvy and expect the best.

“No latency is absolutely key,” added Young. “The Gefen wireless extender is a great solution in our industry for any live event under the specified 30-foot distance because you don’t have to run cables across the floor. In my experience, running HDMI cables is a big challenge because they are easily damaged. I’ve lost at least a couple cables each year at different events.”

Young came upon the GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 60GHz solution at InfoComm 2014.  Gefen was demonstrating its zero latency wireless solution by way of a live gaming simulator affording attendees the experience of real time racing.  The Wireless for HDMI 60GHz sender unit flawlessly transmitted high definition video from the simulator to a four-panel video wall display, even in an environment crowded with other wireless devices and signals.

The Wireless for HDMI 60GHz supports 1080p full HD up to 10 meters in-room with no compression. It also delivers 3DTV, is plug and play and supports all audio formats including 7.1 Dolby Digital and DTS-HD Master Audio.  It delivers a gold-standard in terms of performance and reliability, taking full advantage of the 60GHz extremely high frequency radio band. This high quality method of extension eliminates the need to run cables, making it great for in-room retrofits or any environment that is not suitable for cable runs.

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