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Lone Star Jams with dB Technologies’ VIO

The 10th Annual LoneStar Jam rocked Austin’s LSJ Festival Grounds in May with twenty great country bands on two stages equipped with dB Technologies’ VIO L210 Line Arrays and S318 Subwoofers along with dB Technologies’ DVX DM12 TH and LVX XM12 and LVX10 active loudspeakers used for monitors and front fill. 

Show Gear Systems of Austin provided the LoneStar Jam’s audio systems. After rigging the VIO system, Show Gear’s Thomas Smith commented, “The way the VIO rig hangs is awesome! The hardware is very simple to use. You just grab the pin, stick it in the hole you need for the angle, then haul the rig in the air. And, the way they store in the carts for trucking and transport makes things easy.” Regarding VIO’s RDNET networking, he said, “You can sit out at FOH and do what you want without having a bunch of outboard processing or complicated multi-send drive lines. And, you can just network the thing together and control it and really be able to tune it for the room.” 

Ethan Holland mixed Cory Morrow’s FOH at the LoneStar Jam and said, “My favorite thing about the VIO system was the S318 subs.They had incredible range and power. And, the L210 line arrays had excellent clarity and great coverage front to back and across the audience.” 

As Morrow’s Tour and Production Manager, Holland was happy to find dB Technologies wedges at the LoneStar Jam and noted that Cory Morrow has been using dB Technologies DVX DM15 wedges for over a year now. “Cory wasn’t happy with the wedges we had at the time so we tried the DVX DM15’s and he loved them. We actually have two pairs now and use them for his monitors and sometimes for front-fill.” 

Show Gear’s Smith commented “I was blown away by the dB wedges. It’s clear that dB spent time on the voicing because they sound great. And, after hearing the VIO line arrays and subs my company is considering replacing some of our older line arrays with the VIO!”

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