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Los Chicos del Coro: Lighting designer Juanjo Llorens illuminates the award-winning musical with Cameo

The Spanish musical “Los Chicos del Coro” (The Choir Boys) production is based on the Oscar-winning film “The Children of Monsieur Mathieu” and premiered at the Teatro La Latina in Madrid in late 2022. The multi-award-winning production unites renowned musical performers with an 80-member children’s choir and celebrates the creative power of music. For the METjor Award-winning lighting design, internationally renowned lighting designer Juanjo Llorens used Cameo Moving Lights from the OPUS and EVOS series.

The musical production directed by Juan Luis Iborra lives from the contrast between the harsh realism of the dreary everyday life at the boarding school and the emotional power that arises from the friendship between the students and their music teacher. For Juanjo Llorens, the first scene of the musical already sets the visual direction: “The boarding school reminded me of an orphanage, which is why the lighting effect must not be friendly. At the same time, the lighting design must appeal to the audience and lead them to an imaginative imaginary point.”

With its vertical, open slats, David Pizarro’s stage set offers plenty of creative scope to create “moods and spaces that don’t actually exist” with the Cameo OPUS SP5 Profile Moving Heads and EVOS W3 Wash Moving Heads. Among other things, the OPUS SP5s are used to simulate the natural incidence of light in the boarding school building. For Juanjo Llorens, who has worked in almost all of Spain’s major theatres, the main thing is to know how to use the respective spotlights ideally. “I now know exactly which spotlights I need for which tasks. It’s always a game with intensity and colour mixes. Gobos and fog are also excellent helpers.”

The first contact between the lighting designer and Cameo occurred during an earlier production at the Teatro Español in Madrid. “Even then I was surprised by the versatility and performance of the Cameo fixtures – whether it was the OPUS SP5, the LED Pars or the LED Bars. For Los Chicos del Coro, the OPUS SP5 and EVOS W3 meet all the requirements in terms of size, noise and economy without making even the slightest compromise on light quality.”

The Cameo fixtures for the production of “Los Chicos del Coro” at Teatro La Latina were supplied by Adisar Media as part of the Mediapro Group. Adisar Media had already used the Cameo OPUS and EVOS series in large numbers for the lighting of the prestigious Goya Awards 2022 – the Spanish Oscars.

You can find the complete interview with Juanjo Llorens here.

The following cameo products were used for “Los Chicos del Coro”:
20 x Cameo OPUS® SP5 Profile Moving Head
46 x Cameo EVOS W3 Wash Moving Head

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