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Louisville 4th Street Live! Entertainment Complex Adds RCF HDL50 Sound System

The 4th Street Live! complex is Louisville, Kentucky’s downtown entertainment and dining district. The unique design transformed a two-block area into an open-air mall style entertainment destination. A large A-frame glass roof encloses the area from the elements, with a live performance stage situated on the street.

          First opened in 2004, 4th Street Live! has evolved into the hub of Louisville’s entertainment and tourist business – transformed into the center of citywide festivals and national concerts.

          With that, the facilities saw a need to upgrade the aging 12 year old sound system. With the expansion of their event programming to include more national artists, 4th Street Live! looked to RCF and the new HDL50-A system to provide the sound they needed.

          The system is comprised of 16 HDL50-A, three-way line array cabinets with two 12” low frequency, four 6” midrange and two 1.4” high frequency drivers; coupled with 8 SUB9007-AS double 21” subwoofers.

          The venue had been leasing a system to meet the touring requirements of national acts and with the gaining existing system made a concerted business decision to explore acquiring a new permanent system.

          “We knew of the quality and customer service of RCF, and with the introduction of the new HDL50 system, knew we could satisfy both local productions and any national act we schedule to come in,” says 4th Street Live! Production Manager Dave Moskowitz. In making the decision, both price and performance were taken into consideration. “The value RCF offers in the HDL50-A system certainly was a factor in the decision,” noting the acquisition will pay for itself in about one season of events.

          Having used it for the summer season, “the system sounds amazing,” says Moskowitz. “Everybody has been 100% impressed. And the national acts have acknowledged the system lives up to the sound quality of any other ‘rider friendly’ systems they’ve performed on.”

          He goes on to say, “What’s even more amazing is the fact that the system specs out at 64,000-watts, yet we are operating the entire system on three 20-amp circuits!

          “And with the functional, ease of use of RCF’s RDNet control software we are able set up the system for various program formats. Plus, being outdoor (even though under roof), with the wind and Ohio Valley heat and humidity, we can continuously monitor all system functions and components.”

          This summer’s concert series included Montgomery Gentry, Eli Young, Old Dominion and the Summerland Tour with Sugar Ray, Everclear, Lit and Sponge.

          Managed by The Cordish Companies, a real estate development company based in Baltimore, aside from the main entertainment stage the 4th Street Live! complex includes over a dozen restaurants and half-dozen nightclubs in addition to retail stores and fast-food outlets.

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