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Nevada church chooses new d&b A-Series based on budget and performance.

ASHEVILLE, NC 9.30.20—The Mosaic Church in Henderson, Nevada recently installed the new d&b audiotechnik A-Series augmented array, thanks to the recommendation by CCS Presentation Systems of Las Vegas. With 23 locations across the U.S. CCS has been one of the leading suppliers of audio/video products and solutions for the past 27 years.

“We were fortunate enough to have a clean canvas to work with. The sanctuary is in great shape and already had acoustical treatments,” states Gilbert Medina, Director of Business Development, CCS Presentation Systems.The A-Series fit our performance and budget requirements, and the church was aware of the d&b brand so when I made the A-Series recommendation and that it could meet their budget needs, they approved our design. One of the main project objectives was to provide an enhanced guest experience. The d&b ArrayCalc simulation software verified it would not only cover the room appropriately but would easily meet the SPL requirements while minimizing the impact to sightlines.” The system was commissioned by d&b support specialist, Mark Rush.

The A-Series addresses the needs of many medium size spaces where point source loudspeakers may not provide adequate coverage or SPL, and line array solutions exceed budget or impede sightlines.  The ability to set variable splay angles and be hung as a vertical or horizontal array make A-Series quite adaptable to a wide range of spaces.

Mosaic Church is a highly contemporary house of worship with high energy live music, video and theatrical lighting elements. Pre-COVID, the church would normally seat approximately 1,100 but due to social distancing, they are limiting capacity based on state regulations.

“The d&b A-Series is the perfect fit for our venue,” states John Solomon, Worship Pastor. “The compact footprint and wide coverage provide an impactful and immersive experience for us. The directionality is especially impressive as we have high gain before feedback with omni-directional headset condensers very close to directly underneath the arrays. The flown subs provide surprising evenness throughout the room and provide full low end without being too physically impactful up close. Transparent warm and clear are words we’ve used to describe the sound and we are eager to further expand our system as we grow.”

The d&b system includes 6 x AL90 loudspeakers  (3 per side, Stereo), 4 x center ceiling mounted Yi-SUBS (Stereo summed), and 2 x 30D amplifiers.


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