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New DVI KVM over IP Extender from Gefen Gives Flexible, Scalable Access to Computers in Network-Based Environments

Seamlessly Access Real-Time Data with Ease from any Preferred

Workstation with Local Output for Video Monitoring

Digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen today

announced the availability of its new DVI KVM over IP extender with

local DVI output. This new product facilitates remote access to

servers from workstations placed up to 660 feet (200m) away over an

existing Local Area Network. It supports high resolution digital video

in the DVI format, four USB ports for connecting keyboard, mouse and

other peripherals, analog audio from server to workstation and RS-232

extension over the LAN. Each sender and receiver can be connected

directly or through a Gigabit network switch using a single CAT-5

cable. Each cable run can be up to 100 meters.

((Ideal for demanding applications in hospitality, retail,

post-production, broadcast, telecommunications and mission-critical

control centers, Gefen’s DVI KVM over IP can help improve the

efficiency of data access, increase productivity and streamline

equipment setup. Because a workstation can be placed anywhere within a

100 meter distance from the network switch, this high performance

solution vastly improves the ability to access data from a remote


A robust set of features further strengthens performance and

versatility. Each sender and receiver can be configured to operate in

a one-to-one relationship in which the receiver can only access a

specific sender, or all senders and receivers on the LAN can be

assigned unique IP addresses to facilitate the routing of up to 256

senders to any receiver. This creates a scalable, virtual cross-point

matrix without any additional wiring. In this configuration, each

receiver will be able to access any of the senders within its network.

The DVI KVM over IP can also be combined on the same LAN with

Gefen’s HDMI and VGA KVM over IP extenders, allowing a convenient

and efficient method of video format conversion within the


((Each sender is also equipped with a loop-through DVI output so that

users can install a local display at the computer (sender) side for

monitoring video. The receiver also includes a built-in Ethernet

switch and two additional Ethernet ports for connecting IP-enabled

devices at the remote location. Each DVI KVM over IP extender includes

a web server interface for easy operation, configuration and setup.

Alternative methods of control include keyboard switching software or

the push-buttons on the front panel.

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