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New Firmware From Timecode Systems Paves the Way for Wireless Sensor Sync for Virtual Reality

WORCESTER, U.K. — March 1, 2017 —

A new firmware upgrade launched this week by Timecode Systems further enhances the accuracy of its wireless genlock. With the company now promising sub-line-accurate synchronisation, the system generates the most precise wireless genlock on the market, allowing Timecode Systems products to stay locked in sync more accurately than any other wireless solution. This is not only a huge benefit across the company’s existing product range, but also sets the scene for development of a wireless sensor sync solution capable of meeting the requirements of virtual reality, augmented reality and motion capture.

Wireless genlock has always been one of the standout features of the Timecode Systems solution, offering an additional level of sync capability that broadcasters are increasingly demanding on multicamera productions. These latest developments in the accuracy of the company’s genlock set a new benchmark for wireless sync.

“The industry benchmark for synchronisation has always been frame-accurate,’ but as we started exploring the absolutely mission-critical sync requirements of virtual reality, augmented reality, and motion capture, we realised sync had to be even tighter,” said Ashok Savdharia, chief technical officer at Timecode Systems Limited. “The advancements in virtual reality and motion capture filming are changing the landscape of the film and broadcast industry and what it demands from technology manufacturers like us. The benchmarks are moving for sync, and our mission is to lead the way in meeting these new, higher standards.”

Savdharia joined Timecode Systems in 2016, bringing more than 15 years’ experience in camera and image sensor technology to the company. In addition to building the capabilities of Timecode Systems’ multicamera range of solutions, he is leading a development team with its sights firmly set on pioneering a wireless sync system for the virtual reality and motion capture market.

“With the new firmware and FPGA algorithms released in our latest update, we’ve created a system offering wireless genlock to sub-line accuracy,” Savdharia added. “This brings us even closer to achieving our goal of developing a wireless system with the capability and accuracy that offers a direct replacement for any wired sync solution. We now have a solid foundation on which to build a robust and immensely accurate genlock, HSYNC, and VSYNC solution that will meet the demands of VR and motion capture.”

New firmware updates for the :pulse, :wave, and :minitrx+ are available to download now from

. Timecode Systems users are advised to update all of their units immediately to optimise the performance of their products.

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About Timecode Systems

Timecode Systems Limited designs and manufactures timecode hardware and software products that offer a reliable and user-friendly way to generate, sync, and share accurate timecode and metadata wirelessly over long-range RF and Wi-Fi. Whether a production includes one camera in a studio, multiple cameras, or a whole army of wearables or minicams on location, Timecode Systems products work together to offer television and film professionals a cohesive wireless workflow solution for syncing video and audio, sharing metadata, and remotely controlling devices via the free, multiplatform BLINK Hub app.

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