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New PESA Cheetah Router Manages Media Throughout Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University

PESA today announced the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto installed a Cheetah 128NE digital video router in September to manage audio and video signals throughout the Rogers Communication Centre.

Huntsville, Alabama –PESA, a leading designer and manufacturer of streaming, routing, and AV integration products, today announced the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto installed a Cheetah 128NE digital video router in September to manage audio and video signals throughout the Rogers Communication Centre. The router is also used to help manage the Global Campus Network, a Ryerson-led international collaborative student media initiative.

Shawn Haswell, manager of production and facilities for the RTA School of Media, said the building houses a number of academic programs including the Ryerson School of Journalism, School of Professional Communication, and the RTA School of Media. Every school uses video at some level, and the new Cheetah allows projects from any school to be routed anywhere in the building, including its internal digital signage network.

“The ability for us to join spaces together is really critical,” Haswell explained. “You want the ability to link people and places quickly and simply as possible, and the PESA router has allowed us to do that. It has been able to meet any need we could imagine and allowed us to do things at a much higher level than we could have before.”

The RTA School of Media has three studios of its own, which are now connected through the PESA router. It also provides coverage of more than 60 Ryerson athletic events every year, most of which are streamed to the Web or distributed internally via digital signage. Plus, the Ryerson School of Journalism produces a daily newscast, which is distributed through the building via digital signage.

The Cheetah router is also an important component for the new Allan Slaight Radio Institute within the school. Named for the Canadian broadcasting pioneer, the broadcast and teaching facility is reinvigorating the school’s radio program with new equipment that reflects recent changes in the radio industry, including automation and visual radio. The router manages the cameras and microphones throughout the facility’s multiple control rooms, interview suites, and announcer booths.

Faculty, staff, and students use Cattrax, PESA’s Windows-based system control software, to monitor and manage the Cheetah router throughout the Rogers Communication Centre. The software provides an intuitive, menu-driven interface that Haswell said is very easy to use. Plus, engineers have been impressed with the salvos, which simplify the execution of a series of operations. “We wanted the simplicity of use for our staff and students,” he said.

The PESA Cheetah 128NE router system is a modular system for HD-SDI and 3G-SDI applications. With only a 7 RU footprint, the Cheetah 128NE can be configured as a partially loaded frame to allow for easy field expansion. Its integrated Matrix Fame Controller monitors the unit and automatically recognizes new I/O cards. Fiber I/O cards include small form-factor pluggable (SFP) cages that can be configured with a variety of modules to support legacy and digital technology. The frame supports redundant power, control, and a hot-swappable crosspoint matrix.

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