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Newport Grand Slots Chooses Videotel’s Industrial Digital Signage Solutions

Newport Grand Slots, founded in 1880, by James Gordon Bennett Jr., currently has over one thousand video slots of all kinds. The world renowned casino has shops, a restaurant, Bill Talbert Stadium, tennis courts, and is even home to the National Tennis Hall of Fame. When Newport Grand Slots needed a reliable, high-quality, and easy-to-use solution for digital signage, it looked to Videotel Inc., as a provider.

Videotel is the nation’s leading provider for high-quality digital signage players and interactive solutions. Videotel’s HD2600 is a high-definition industrial dvd player that automatically powers on, plays, auto loops, and auto repeats. It is considered one of the top choices as a dependable and affordable digital signage solution.

“We purchased the DVD player for our audio phone message on hold. It works seamlessly and we are very happy with the ease and quality of this unit,” John Moitoza of Newport Grand Slots said. “Just insert the CD and away we go, our message loops 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We update our messages 1 to 2 times each week and have not had any interruption in its service. Thanks for the quality in you product.”

The HD2600 is a high-quality and reliable media player that is ideal for the digital signage at the Newport Grand Slots. With over thirty-four years of experience in developing industrial digital signage solutions, Videotel is an industry leader known for its product’s quality, reliability, and longevity. It’s because of that reputation that Newport Grand Slots chose Videotel as their digital signage solution provider.

About Videotel, Inc. 
Videotel, Inc. is an award winning manufacture of industrial digital signage media players, industrial looping DVD players and interactive technology. Based in San Diego, Calif., Videotel’s thirty-four years of market experience in developing reliable industrial digital signage solutions has propelled it to industry leader status. To learn more about Videotel Inc., visit

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