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Italian Speaker Imports (ISI) Partners with Studiomaster

Italian Speaker Imports' partnership with Studiomaster solidifies the company as a “one-stop shop,” with the ability to provide any and all sound system components from a single source.

Alliance establishes U.S. company as a single-source provider for all sound system needs

ISI with Studiomaster
From left to right: Summer Xu, John Krupa, Mike Bufton, Simon Nathan (ISI Consultant), and Patrick Almond

Italian Speaker Imports (ISI) recently announced its partnership with Studiomaster, a British pro audio brand known for its high-quality sound mixing consoles, amplification and loudspeakers. Together with its other brands (FBT, JTS, and Bespecco), ISI is now a “one-stop shop,” with the ability to provide any and all sound system components from a single source. The partnership, says company owner and president John Krupa, combines both high-quality products and outstanding service and integrity.

A significant part of ISI’s mission, according to Krupa, is to work with premium global brands in the audio industry and bring outstanding quality products to the U.S. market; Studiomaster is no exception. Having been acquired by manufacturing giant Soundking Group, the company offers superior products that are held to the highest standards of quality control, resulting in a range of sound mixers, amplifiers, and loudspeakers that are highly competitive, particularly when compared to brands that are typically offered at a higher price point.

“Soundmaster’s superior craftsmanship and design, coupled with the company’s dedication to attentive customer service, mirrors that of our philosophy at Italian Speaker Imports,” said Krupa. “All of our brands offer superior quality and value, but we believe that outstanding products only have value when the companies manufacturing and distributing them can honestly say that they stand behind them; that means exhibiting integrity – and going above and beyond when service is needed. We believe in our products and stand by our customers. The staff at Studiomaster values that same philosophy.”

Krupa credits General Manager, Patrick Almond; Office Manager and Liaison, Summer Xu; and Head of sales, Mike Bufton with attributes including attentive and speedy response time, extensive knowledge regarding their products and market needs, and a willingness to go the extra mile when collaboration is needed.

Studiomaster’s General Manager, Patrick Almond, offered his thoughts on the partnership and the value that his company brings to ISI: “We’re thrilled that ISI will be our exclusive distributor for Studiomaster in the United States, particularly because we know that John Krupa and his team are so dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience. John’s team already has many partners with the history and knowledge of Studiomaster, making our own partnership with ISI an obvious action, and one that we all feel will bring the brand back to prominence in the USA market.  Our dedicated and passionate team at Studiomaster is equally committed to producing high-quality equipment at competitive prices – and supporting our customers with real-time, human support when it’s needed. This results in a partnership that is a perfect arrangement since our company values are completely aligned.”

ISI provides speakers through FBT, microphones through JTS, and hardware and stands via Bespecco.  The addition of Studiomaster now allows musicians, sound engineers, and anyone in need of a sound system to place a single call to assemble a high-quality sound system at a competitive price.

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