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Pepperdine Welcomes New Students with dBTechnologies Ingenia

Set against a scenic backdrop of the Southern California coastline, Pepperdine University welcomed its 2017 incoming class using six dBTechnologies Ingenia IG4T loudspeakers pole-mounted on DVA S1518N subwoofers.

Garth Fjellstrom of Los Angeles based production company AV Professionals provided the audio system. Fjellstrom chose a ground-stacked system for the event which took place outdoors in a 200’ x 100’ tent. “We always do our best to use the right gear for each client and there was no way to hang a line array in the tent,” he said. “So we chose to ground-stack an Ingenia system and it worked out fantastic.”

Six Ingenia IG4T loudspeakers, mounted on DVA S1518N subs were distributed along the front of the tent. Ingenia’s unique asymmetrical vertical dispersion of 20° up by 70° down kept the sound from slapping off of the tent roof and its 110° horizontal dispersion provided even coverage along the 200’ wide audience area. The DVA S1518N subwoofers provided convenient mounting locations for the IG4T loudspeakers and added low-frequency support for the musical portion of the event. Steve McNeil of dBTechnologies rep firm Mac West Group provided technical support and commissioned the system using dBTechnologies RDNet software.

Fjellstrom says the sound filled the entire tent evenly. “This was the best ground-stacked system I had ever heard,” he said. “You could still hear the fullness back to the last 10 rows!” A Pepperdine admissions official commented, “Wow, this is the best sound we’ve ever had for this event! You guys are definitely coming back next year!”

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