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Platin Introduces the HS Eskimo Ultra-Efficient Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Speaker Integrates a Small Rechargeable 2600 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery & Benefits From the Use of the Extremely Efficient Multi-Level eximo® Amplifier Chips from Danish Audio Sensation Merus Audio

NANJING, China, April 24, 2017 – The HS Eskimo speakers will woo you with great sound quality and amazing playback time. All in a compact footprint weighing 1.6 pounds and measuring just 2.4-in. H × 2.8-in. D × 8.6-in. W.

“The HS Eskimo is something remarkable,” said Helge Kristensen, V.P. at Hansong Technology, “There is nothing else like it, and it amazes people with its extremely long playback time and still small and very portable size. Our engineers have used the Merus Audio ( extremely efficient amplifiers to push playback time beyond any regular BT speaker – but also harvested the high audio quality conveyed by the eximo® multilevel-technology.”

It has excellent sounding bass and the True-wireless stereo and aptX™ Bluetooth 4.0 enables sound reproduction that makes the joy of listening to songs an experience worth remembering. The two full-range high-efficiency transducers combined with two passive radiators deliver full, clear audio, with dramatically deep low notes.

The speaker integrates a small rechargeable 2600 mAh Lithium-ion battery and benefits from the use of the extremely efficient multi-level eximo® amplifier chips from Danish audio sensation Merus Audio. At 50 percent volume setting, this enables an astonishing long playback time of 30 hours. This is a total system power consumption of less than 90 mA, which was previously simply not possible!

“The HS Eskimo is an example of our obsession with energy efficiency,” said Helge. “You will find battery powered products everywhere, but astonishing efficiency – and better sounding – that’s where the HS Eskimo is focused.”

The speaker has wireless connection and NFC technology offers an easy way to connect to your Bluetooth devices. Perfect to match with your mobile, the speakers are fashion friendly and will definitely catch everyone’s eye.

For added convenience, HS Eskimo charges with a universal wide AC adaptor with US, EU, UK plugs allowing it to travel almost anywhere.

The HS Eskimo speaker is available in white color variants.

eximo® is a Merus Audio trademark.

About Hansong Technology

Hansong Technology, a world leader in OEM/ODM audio electronics design and manufacturing of high quality audio and video products. Hansong Technology focuses its resources on: Hi-Fi products, Pro Audio products, Architectural Audio and Video and Commercial Audio. Product categories include amplification, tuners, internet radios, sound bars and subs, Airplay-Bluetooth-DLNA and other wireless speaker systems, portable radio, and

Over the last 15+ years Hansong Technology has established itself as a quality manufacturer with a strong commitment to its partners and green technology where possible. Headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu province China, Hansong Technology has more than 100 research and development engineers on

Helge Kristensen
Vice President
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About Merus Audio

Our ambition is to create audio amplifier solutions that maximize power efficiency, output power, audio performance and design freedom. By challenging conventional wisdom, we are creating cooler, smaller, lighter and better sounding amplifiers – for the benefit of all who love

Merus Audio
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Director, Global Sales
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