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Producer Greg Wells Chooses PMC Speakers For His Private Studio

PMC's MB2S-XBD speakers now have pride of place in the studio's main control room.

As one of the top hit makers in the music industry, Greg Wells has notched up collaborations with a host of artists including Adele, Katy Perry, Elton John, OneRepublic and Celine Dion. His songs have appeared on over 85 million albums and his work as a musician, producer and songwriter has earned him multiple Grammy nominations.

Although he has worked at recording studios all over the world, Greg Wells prefers the comfort and privacy of his own studio in Los Angeles – a single storey warehouse that used to be car mechanic’s workshop but has been his base since he converted it into a four room recording studio 14 years ago.

“I never rent it out as it’s all customized to exactly how I want things set up,” he explains.

In recent months the main control room has become an even better place to work thanks to the inclusion of PMC MB2S-XBD speakers. As a development of PMC’s successful MB2S range, these speakers are hugely popular in quality conscious facilities thanks to their exceptional transparency, accuracy and extended LF performance.

“These are the only speakers I’ve ever worked on where I only hear the music itself,” Greg Wells explains. “There are no speaker artefacts, and nothing to get “used to”.  The very first mix I did on them was one of the best I’ve ever done and I thought it was a fluke.  I had the same reaction to the second mix.  It’s enormously helpful to be able to listen like this at my studio.”

Greg Wells is currently producing a new album for singer-songwriter Regina Spektor and says the PMC speakers are playing an integral part in the success of this project.

“We are building everything on these speakers, and prior to that I mixed the latest Mika album on the PMC’s. I have also acquired a pair of PMC twotwo.6 nearfield monitors, which I fell in love with after PMC lent me a pair during a recent song writing session in London. Once again, the mixes done on the twotwo.6’s translated effortlessly everywhere else and that inspired me to buy some for my home studio.”

Given the breadth, diversity and sheer impressiveness of Well’s CV, it is not surprising that he is in huge demand as a producer and songwriter. Describing himself as a ‘guiding Sensi’ in the studio rather than an overshadowing presence, he believes in supporting artists and giving them the space and confidence they need to deliver a great performance, regardless of the genre they work in.

“You have to jump into the pool with the artist and quickly assess what’s happening,” he says. “You want to hear somebody lost in their own performance with a complete lack of self-consciousness. For me, the goal is to shine the best light on the artist themselves and help them be as true to themselves as possible.”


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