RealMotion™ Technology Helps Liberty Center Mall Create a New Digital Media Experience with Unique Real-Time Features

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MONTREAL QC, CANADA, July 20, 2017 — RealMotion™, the technology division of the award-winning experiential design studio Float4, today announced that its system has been selected as the backbone of a unique digital media installation at Liberty Lights Center in Cincinnati, a 64-acre mixed-use development focused on community life, well being and connectivity.

Guided by Marcela Sardi’s vision, the Float4 team relied on many of RealMotion’s unique features, such as LED content mapping and CMS customizable content, to power a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. The project involved three distinct digital canvases that are integrated into the physical architecture of Liberty Center’s retail space to create and reinforce an overall sense of place and community. Click here to watch a video.

“RealMotion’s unique capabilities perfectly coordinated content across irregularly shaped surfaces while the variability of real time visuals was driven by the natural, random cyclic changes in seasonal climate,” RealMotion Chief Technology Officer Sevan Dalkian said today. “This allowed for dynamic, continuously evolving content that no other platform could create. “

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RealMotion’s unique capabilities were crucial to the success of this project. “RealMotion is equipped with a tool that allowed the technicians to pixel map the content, which ensured that it was well mapped on the outdoor custom LED display,” Dalkian continued. “The platform seamlessly integrated with the client’s CMS, enabling them to quickly and easily schedule content pieces and customize assets. We also provided a generative particle system that takes shape in accordance with a set of data controlled by the CMS and live feed.”

According to Float4 Co-founder Alexandre Simionescu, “the objective was to create three iconic digital media installations that function as truly integrated physical features within the architectural confines of the retail center. The challenge was to deliver the highest quality digital experience with aesthetic diversity while creating a flexible content inventory for use across non-traditional displays.”

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Behind the scenes of the media experience, a facility-wide central control system designed by Smart Monkeys, Inc. provides a flexible, smart infrastructure that supports ongoing operations and paves the way for future development opportunities. “The flexibility provided by the RealMotion Servers allows us to have confidence that we can accommodate challenging expectations without limiting creative desires,” said Mitchell Schuh, Director of Technology for Smart Monkeys, Inc.

Within Liberty Center’s central Foundry building, The Forge – a large-scale LED display integrated above an active hearth – enlivens the ‘Living Room’ space, a warm and welcoming gathering point for Liberty Center guests and residents. On the Foundry’s rooftop, The Beacon, a LED-clad, high-tech interpretation of the traditional factory stack, is at once a symbol of the region's rich industrial heritage and an expression of the role Liberty Center plays as a focal point for surrounding communities.

Finally, The Rosette, a programmable LED display evocative of traditional stained glass, uses RealMotion’s generative content capabilities to display imagery that seamlessly and constantly morphs between symbols drawn from a diversity of religions. The challenge was to figure out a real-time algorithm that would generate a constantly changing kaleidoscope of assets that would also meet the designer’s aesthetic standards. This was achieved thanks to RealMotion’s intuitive and highly customizable scripting tools.

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Available in Ultra, Pro, Lite, and Micro system configurations to meet specific project needs, the RealMotion platform consists of three core components. The RM Designer module empowers users to create, collaborate and deploy content utilizing real-time content editing, generation and compositing software. RM Servers host, generate, connect and enable real-time content manipulation, playback, and delivery. The RM Admin module provides online system monitoring, information flow, and management.

For hi-res photography of Liberty Center Mall, click here

About RealMotion
Headquartered in Montreal QC, Canada, RealMotion™ ( is the technology division of the award-winning experiential design studio Float4 ( RealMotion’s mission is to provide a superior real-time platform empowering ideation through the prototyping, execution, and monitoring of next generation immersive and interactive environments. Designed for both AV integrators and creative minds, the RealMotion platform is built to serve as the backbone of digital media production pipelines.

About Float4
Headquartered in Montreal QC, Canada, Float4 ( is a forward looking, award-winning experiential design firm that began as the realization of two daring dreamers. Ten years later, the firm’s growing and expanding success depends equally on the collective abilities of a multidisciplinary team of artists, thinkers, coders, designers, writers, and collaborators who are passionate about weaving compelling digital experiences into physical spaces to amplify their identity.




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