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Redefining the Power Amplifier at NAMM 2023: Ashly Audio showcases innovation with all-new MA Amplifier Series

Ashly Audio, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performing, highly reliable amplifiers for commercial and pro audio applications, is showcasing the new MA Amplifier Series at the upcoming 2023 NAMM Show taking place in Anaheim, California. Ashly Audio will feature the MA Series at Booth 14216.


“The MA Series is literally the best, most technologically advanced amplifier we have ever built, or have ever tested from other manufacturers,” General Manager, Noel Larson said. “This series has continued to exceed all our expectations since we began the process of bringing it to market. We believe this will redefine what customers expect from an amplifier going forward.”


MA Series Models

The MA Series is the latest addition to the Ashly Audio amplifier lineup, bringing a new and innovative approach to the existing power amplifiers. The MA Series features two 4-channel models; MA-250.4 at 4 x 250W and the MA-250.8 at 4 x 500W as well as two 8-channel models; MA-500.4 at 8 x 250 and the MA-500.8 at 8 x 500 – a new configuration from Ashly, unique to the MA Series.


Intelligent Power-Sharing

With Ashly Audio Intelligent Power-Sharing, each MA Series amplifier can balance and shift power between channels within milliseconds. The MA-250.4 and MA-250.8 can power share up to 1,000W across 4 channels while the MA-500.4 and MA-500.8 can power share up to 2,000W across 4 channels.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, MA Series Amps automatically sense and adapt to the individual power requirements of every system. The amplifier will recognize which channel requires more power and will quickly learn and adapt to these patterns. MA Series amps can share power across four different channel blocks and will adapt depending on shifts in the power demand in milliseconds.


Ultra-High Efficiency

Building on the best-selling CA Series amplifiers and featuring an all-new hyper-efficient platform design, the MA Series draws upon less current than a typical amplifier, drawing a considerably smaller amount of power from the wall; the MA Series provides more work with less power.


The MA Series design allows users to utilize one or multiple MA Amps on a 15 to 20- amp circuit without the risk of damaging and blowing the breaker. Ideal for a variety of applications, this design can be especially beneficial to churches, small businesses and historical sites as it eliminates the need to add extra breakers and wall sockets, without compromising on sound quality.


The MA Series naturally runs very cool without the requirement of internal heat sinks or external HVAC system requirements. By converting most of the energy drawn from the wall directly into power, the amplifier allows itself to remain cool by ensuring no energy is wasted. This leads to enhanced reliability, greater system lifespan and an overall much cleaner sound output.


Selectable Multi-Mode Output

This user-adjustable flexibility feature allows users to select the custom power mode that the MA Series amp will be operating on for each channel. This allows for adaptability to any type of speaker, or system, while also making way for users to mix and match the types of speakers used in a system, from Low-Z speakers (down to even less than 2 Ohms), to 25V, 70V or 100V constant voltage speakers.


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About Ashly Audio

Ashly Audio, a Division of Exertis | JAM, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality & high-performance signal processing equipment and power amplification for use in the commercial sound contracting and professional audio markets. The company is headquartered in Webster, New York U.S.A. For more information:


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