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Remote Content Sharing Technology Boosts Collaboration in Education and Corporate Facilities

Remote content sharing is one of the latest technologies sweeping education and corporate industries. With technology that allows classrooms and boardrooms to not only share content in real-time, but also collaborate on the same screen from different locations and save for future use, schools and businesses can create top-of-the-line collaborative spaces for students and employees.

K-12 districts and higher education institutions have found many benefits to lecture capture and remote content sharing including:

Remote Classrooms: Remote classrooms give K-12 and higher education facilities opportunities to offer more classes without having to staff a teacher at each school or find an available classroom. K-12 districts have found remote classrooms especially helpful for language classes, where students are now able to participate in courses being taught at a different school within the district without having to physically be in the classroom.

Live and Recorded Lectures: Live feed capabilities allow education facilities to easily share lectures online to any number of devices from anywhere in the world, broadening curriculum and classes students can engage in. With live feed capabilities, schools can also share important events for students, teachers, administration and alumni to tune into.

Recording capabilities make it easy for education facilities to then share lectures or events online for anyone to watch at a later date. Recorded lectures give students an opportunity to catch up on any missed classes or review class materials for comprehension.

Teacher Evaluations: Teachers can easily use lecture capture to record their lessons and share with other team members for peer evaluation, self-analysis, or to share lesson plans.

Many corporate facilities have also found benefits to shared content capture including:

Remote Meetings: Whether a company has bicoastal offices or a few remote employees, content capture makes it easy for everyone to collaborate during a meeting and then share online for anyone who could not attend.

HR Training: HR departments are turning to remote content sharing to create a library of training and onboarding videos to easily share with new team members and to run mandatory training throughout the year.

Remote content sharing boosts engagement and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and learning. With products like the new Maxell Lecture Capture Collaboration Station, education and corporate facilities can easily have the opportunity for better learning, collaboration and sharing.

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