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Renkus-Heinz debuts CA/CX121M stage monitor

Renkus-Heinz has unveiled its new C Series compact stage monitor, available in both passive (CX121M) and powered (CA121M) models.

Foothill Ranch, CA (March 19, 2021)—Renkus-Heinz has unveiled its new C Series CA/CX121M compact stage monitor.

Available in both passive (CX121M) and powered (CA121M) models, the single 12” stage monitor/multipurpose loudspeaker reportedly features identical horizontal and vertical off axis performance, aiming to provide greater freedom of movement for artists without changes in frequency response.

The CA/CX121M can also be used as a pole-mounted side fill – using the optional pole adapter – or sound reinforcement system without the need to rotate or reconfigure the drive unit. Also, the UBRKT/CT121M mounting yoke is available to facilitate permanent installation configurations.

The CA/CX121M utilizes a 12” (300 mm) coaxial transducer mounted in a compact, black or white durable plywood cabinet. The low-profile design includes discreet recessed handles – along with the optional pole adapter. The unit’s robust perforated steel grill is designed to withstand the rigors of the road and provide driver protection.

The optional SA625 power amplifier matches the power needs of the CA121M, providing optimized processing for performance and protection. The integral amp eliminates the need for additional rack space and speaker cable runs. Controlled via RHAON II, the SA625’s built-in DSP has eight parametric EQ filters, high and low shelf and high and low pass filters, and up to 358 ms. of delay. All options are accessed via a Windows computer running RHAON II. In addition, a single CA121M can power one additional CX121M with Bi-Amplified, processed output via an NL4 output. The CA121M-RD adds Dante digital signal distribution capability, including AES67 compatibility and network redundancy.

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