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RHC Holdings RoadHog Pro Touring Cables Hit the Road With Top Artists

Production Managers and Audio Techs for Kansas, Montgomery Gentry and Brantley Gilbert Rely on RoadHog

ANAHEIM, JANUARY 22, 2015 ”• Built for even the most extreme touring conditions,

RoadHog Pro Touring Cables

, an RHC Holdings brand, continue to be recognized by audio techs and production managers for some of the world’s top artists. The latest endorsements come from

A.J. “Jukebox” Srybnik

, guitar and bass tech for Brantley Gilbert;

Jeff Greeniger

, production manager for Montgomery Gentry and

Chad Singer

, production manager and FOH engineer for the legendary group Kansas. As the cable company of choice for each of these longtime industry professionals, the RoadHog cables are custom fitted to each of their staging needs.

All RoadHog cables are designed to work perfectly no matter how often they are put to use, employing the most rugged constructions without sacrificing sound quality. The custom cables employed by the artists are road ready and tour tough with flexible jackets that ensure they not only lay flat on stage, but also roll up easily without causing bends.

These qualities are especially important to the legendary American rock group Kansas, which started replacing its aging cables with RoadHog looms and XLR cables early last year. “Every time I order RoadHog cables, they have always worked perfectly,” says Singer. “We’re probably already on show number 80 with our current looms, which I ordered at the beginning of the year, and I have not had a malfunction — they have been perfect. I’m looking forward to having more opportunities to use the RoadHog line of products.”

When Srybnik, a longtime RoadHog user, signed on with country/southern rock artist Brantley Gilbert, he immediately knew he’d be switching their eclectic collection of audio cables to his trusted brand. “For me, it’s all about trust and reliability,” he says. “Of course, for everyone, the most important factor is how they sound. When I got here, they were using an array of cables, stuff from 20 years ago. We had issues with power boards going down and broken cables here and there, which sparked me to get in touch with Lucas [McCulley, marketing manager/artist relations for RHC Holdings]. We completely rewired all of their gear, so we are using RoadHog cables exclusively now. Since we made the switch, we’ve had no problems at all with our cables; everything is consistent and everyone in the band sounds perfect.”

Montgomery Gentry’s audio team made the jump to RoadHog on recommendation from other artists on their record label. “Previously, I was just using whatever I could purchase at Guitar Center,” explains Greeniger. “We would usually purchase the somewhat cheaper options and they wouldn’t last very long. The RoadHog cables hold up so much better; there have been no failures and I haven’t had any complaints from the band about the sound.”

RoadHog touring cables are uniquely designed for touring performers. Engineered “Road Ready and Tour Tough,” RoadHog cables utilize the most rugged construction for those who don’t have the time to be neat and careful with their gear, while always providing high-quality sound. For those who want even more superior sound, there is also the SilverHog, which features the same RoadHog construction with silver-plated conductors and shields. RoadHog also comprises Hog, HogCloth, HogM, HogMPro, HogMCloth and SilverHogM, and will forever remain devoted exclusively to cables.

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