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RoseWater Energy Wins Trifecta of Industry Awards

New Hub40 receives accolades from CEDIA and key trade publications

PLANTATION, FL – September 14, 2023 RoseWater Energy Group, a leader in advanced power conditioning, energy management and storage systems for luxury homes, proudly announces the receipt of three product awards during 2023 CEDIA Expo. The distinguished awards include the Performance Home award by Technology Designer, the Innovation award by Residential Tech Today, and the much-coveted Best New Hardware Global award from CEDIA.

CEDIA Best New Hardware Global Winner awardRoseWater’s Hub40 energy management and storage system was released earlier this year and succeeds the much-acclaimed Hub20 with double the continuous power output at 40 kW. Specifically tailored to guard critical systems from power fluctuations and outages, the Hub40 also provides large-scale battery backup and adeptly syncs with solar and generators. It ensures a continuous, high-quality power supply, incorporating commercial-grade lightning protection at the main power source, and boasts an unrivaled n+1 redundancy. This unparalleled system guarantees that homeowners critical and essential loads always remain powered and protected.

“We’re honored that so many of our industry peers recognize the importance of consistent quality power and energy management,” said Joe Piccirilli, CEO and managing director of RoseWater. “Winning three awards at CEDIA Expo really highlights the Hub40’s unique capabilities and our commitment to excellence.”

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About RoseWater Energy Group

RoseWater Energy Group understands that Power is the Foundation® for any smart home. RoseWater designs and manufactures a complete 24/7 for solution for power conditioning and consistent energy, while providing surge and lightning protection for the main power source, solar input, battery backup, along with analytics and remote monitoring in a redundant industrial-grade system.

Unlike other energy management products, RoseWater Energy’s Hubs work 24/7 and are always providing clean power in any situation – normal grid, grid spikes and surges, brownouts, or power outages. RoseWater enables residential and commercial integrators to reduce or eliminate the plethora of unnecessary client service calls due to power issues and deliver home and business owners peace of mind.

Committed to building Simply the Best™ energy management and battery storage system on the market, the RoseWater Energy Hub is built with full power conditioning and zero-transfer-times between power sources.

RoseWater works with their clients to design, build, integrate, and manage a custom Power Plan™ specific to their needs. For more details visit

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