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SVC announces 2020 Best of Show Special Edition winners

The 2020 virtual version of the annual Best of NAB Awards.

The following products are honored from among submitted products for the annual Best of NAB show awards.

ATEN StreamLive HD Multi-Channel AV Mixer: This all-in-one multi-channel, portable AV mixer allows users to capture, stream and switch between two full HD video inputs over the Internet, for dynamic live multi-camera production for conferences and meetings, lectures and seminars, and individual live event broadcasting. The mixer integrates dual-source 1080p video capture, 4K preview output, video switch, 1080p@60 stream broadcaster, video converter, video splitter and audio mixer in one compact box. Additionally, the ATEN OnAir App (Available on The App Store turns an iPad into a touch interface for controlling, preview monitoring, real-time editing and arranging multi-elements into program mixing.

Tauri Temperature Tablet Series: To ensure that individuals entering a location are not running a high temperature, Aurora introduces the new infrared temperature sensor/detector. It provides alerts when a person is running a high temperature within 1 second. The system uses an advanced algorithm for detecting and calculating heat signatures. Based on technology developed in Germany, the highly accurate sensor measures with a tolerance of +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius (+/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit) at a sczn distance of 0.5 to 1 meter (approx. 1’ 8” to 3’ 3”). HDMI out supports remote viewing; PoE eases installation. Aurora’s ReAX control engine  enables automation and integration with third-party devices and access systems.

AVer TR530 Auto Tracking & Streaming Camera: The camera is protected by the industry-leading AVerCare 3 year warranty that delivers advance replacement with free RMA shipping and 24 hour turnaround time so integrators and their customers have the best protection available. The TR530 is live streaming-ready with a simple web interface that allows for complete control of the camera
and integration with a number of leading video platforms to suit the needs of various AV environments.

Henry Engineering BackUPS Failsafe UPS Power Switcher: BackUPS is a power controller for ensuring reliable AC power to critical equipment that is powered with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).  BackUPS constantly monitors the output of the UPS, and automatically bypasses the UPS if its output fails or becomes unstable.  This prevents power shutoff to the load, keeping critical equipment online. BackUPS can be remotely controlled, so that the UPS can be “force-bypassed” if necessary.  A unique timing circuit prevents the UPS from coming back online if it’s output is unstable.  BackUPS can also be used as a “remote rebooter”, to remotely power-cycle equipment that requires a reset or reboot.

Jabra PanaCast: Engineered to be the world’s first 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution, it is designed to bring huddle rooms to life with high-definition video. It partners with the Jabra Speak range, for a combination of quality audio and Panoramic-4K video. PanaCast features three 13-megapixel cameras, which stream continuously, and patented real-time video stitching technology to create a full, 180° view of the huddle room in Panoramic-4K and Intelligent Zoom. This view mimics what we naturally see, and therefore creates a more inclusive human perspective, with no blind spots or missing participants. Proprietary Vivid HDR automatically optimizes video quality under a wide range of lighting conditions. Microsoft Teams certified.

Liberty AV DigitaLinx Adapter Ring 2.0: This is an upgrade to the original industry classic, now with a ring or line format. It lets users keep multiple adapters at their fingertips while allowing you to convert to HDMI quickly and seamlessly. This upgraded version offers a flexible new way to keep the latest technology ‘in line’ with two different ways to tether your adapters. Our tensile aircraft strength ring and clamp can be locked to an HDMI cable (not included)—simply plug one end of the adapter into the HDMI going to the display and the other end into your laptop, phone, or tablet to quickly access presentation Perfect for meeting rooms, classrooms, lecture halls or boardrooms. The 2.0 upgrades include tougher cable, an aluminum clamp with jointed hinge, new threaded screw holes. With the new clamp, there is no need to completely disassemble the clamp to replace or add new adapters. Customizable for a range of format conversion options.

Liberty AV Welcome Space by Teleportivity: This is an interactive video deployment technology that lets you scale and deploy tech support or reception staff where required, whether it’s from across the building or across the globe. Designated Welcome Space personnel can remotely communicate and engage with customers as if they were physically there. Provided through a fixed iPad or Android tablet, it can be used in two ways—a video concierge may instantly greet guests and assist them in real time, or customers can scan a QR code using their own personal device to easily access customized information and self-guided resources. Guests won’t have to touch anything other than their personal device. Welcome Space lets you expertly handle high-traffic locations while maintaining a constant, seamless customer or support experience. Teleportivity is fully customizable to meet your security needs as well as your company’s branded information.

Pro Video Instruments INFINIUM: This new solution can distribute any HD 4K television content to any network, format, media, and resolution, from MPEG2 to HAVC 4K TVs and mobile devices. INFINIUM is smart Tv compatible through any smart tv app via the M3U8  playlist, providing features such as simultaneous multi-rate multi-resolution encoding, as well as simultaneous MPEG2, MPEG4, MPEG5 HEVC encoding, and MJPG encoding for preview on remote controls. INFINIUM has built in the SRT protocol for Reliable Ultra-Low Latency performances over busy networks. It can accept feeds from 3rd party IPTV providers to distribute as needed. INFINIUM supports the ability to broadcast simultaneously different resolutions and to live stream to multiple RTMP(s). With its modular design, INFINIUM is scalable at any time, simply adding hot-swap modules as needed. It has the option of 4K HEVC over coax simultaneously.






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