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TC Furlong Answers How Loud is Loud with TREND Webinar November 17.

LAKE FOREST, IL (11.4.20)—How loud is loud? This is often a difficult question to answer. While perceived loudness is subjective, Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measurements are critical in order to maintain consistency and safety in any given space or performance.


TC Furlong Inc. of Lake Forest, IL is hosting a webinar with industry colleague Chris Gille on November 17th to discuss the TREND SPL reporting software. TREND is an objective, easy-to-use tool that eliminates the difficult task of guessing at sound pressure levels by providing a simple, real-time, and intuitive readout of SPL.


The TREND software is built specifically to give users the tools needed to accurately manage SPL, including a logging system, which allows for consistent levels and documentation over long periods. The features of TREND provide a flexible and adaptable system that can be used out of the box or custom tailored to any environment or application.


Tuesday, November 17th, 3-4pm Central Time


Registration required on Zoom:



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