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Xytech Joins Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA)

Xytech's strategy aligns with organization’s interoperability mission, helping media manage, monitor and monetize all devices within their network

Amsterdam, 16 September 2017 — Xytech [IBC 2017, stand #6.C22], the leader in facility management software for the broadcast, production, media services and video transmission industries, announces it has joined the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) effective immediately.

AMWA is a community-driven forum focused on advancing business-driven solutions for networked media workflows. To enable software-based systems to recognize and utilize devices, AMWA developed the Networked Media Open Specifications (NMOS). Xytech joined AMWA to ensure its systems are interoperable with all media workflows.

“AMWA is leading the industry with its open specifications to support management of software and equipment on a network,” says Daniel Lynch, Xytech Vice President of Broadcast Services. “With the work of the AMWA and the


incubator project, Xytech understands the future is IP-based solutions as they offer broadcasters the flexibility to explore new business models, maintain top-of-the-line networks and add new capabilities without proprietary lock-ins or having to rebuild workflows. However, this will only work if common languages are utilized and are working in an interoperable fashion. This is why we feel it is important for Xytech to join AMWA.”

Manage, Monitor & Monetize

Xytech utilizes the AMWA’s


specifications to easily monitor and manage devices within each media company’s network. These specifications provide the ability for all vendors’ equipment and software to advertise themselves on the network the same way — making it easy to track what devices or software are in use and what task each one is completing. This helps broadcasters better track and monetize each process. Neil Dunstan, Director of Membership and Marketing for the AMWA, says there are 11 media companies and 60 vendors participating in the workstreams. “So many people have said they want to be a part of the AMWA and make sure their products talk to the 59 other brands,” says Dunstan. “We have been encouraged by companies who are in direct competition, working together because everyone wants their products to interop with one another. It will be great functionality helping suppliers sell products not proprietary connection methods.”

Additionally, by Xytech joining the AMWA, its customers will be able to granularly manage and monitor node interactions, introducing

real time

accuracy to invoicing and billing with real-time dashboard reporting. Xytech will be exhibiting at IBC 2017. Those interested in scheduling an appointment may contact Alexandra Kuipers at

[email protected]

, + 1 (818) 698-4958 or Aurore Gilewicz at

[email protected]

, +44 203 478 1462.

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