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Yorkville Sound Launches EXM PROSUB, World’s Most Powerful Battery-Powered Portable Subwoofer

Canadian pro audio, manufacturer, Yorkville Sound, is proud to announce the EXM ProSUB, a portable, battery-powered subwoofer. The ProSUB is the world’s most powerful battery-powered sub and the second in the EXM Series line of wireless PA.

Equipped with two high output 10-inch neodymium woofers and 800 Watts of power, the EXM ProSUB delivers tremendous bass never before achieved by a portable wireless speaker.

The EXM ProSUB is compatible with most PA speakers and works wirelessly with the EXM Mobile8, using Bluetooth technology. With a battery life of 5.5+ hours at maximum output, this ProSUB is built for mobile & wireless gigs anywhere.

Yorkville Sound developed the first-ever portable battery-powered subwoofer with the EXM Mobile Sub. The EXM ProSUB was created as an option for those who require ground-shaking bass in a cordless format.

“Prior to the release of our EXM Mobile Sub in 2020, a battery powered subwoofer was unheard of,” says Jeff Cowling, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Yorkville Sound. “Now, with the EXM ProSUB, we’re delivering 800 watts of bass without having to rely on available AC power.”

The EXM ProSUB delivers no-compromise bass in a battery-powered, lightweight format. Performers of all kinds can now go cordless on a club-grade level without compromising the low end of their sound.

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