New Audio Expansion Interface Adds 16 Outputs to DMP 128 Plus Audio DSP Processors

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Anaheim, California (August 16, 2017) - Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce the new AXI 016, a sixteen output audio expansion interface for DMP 128 Plus audio DSP systems. The AXI 016 connects to the EXP expansion port on the DMP 128 Plus, transforming the matrix from an 8 output device into a 24 output device. Since all of the high performance, low-latency DSP processing occurs within the attached DMP 128 Plus, no separate configuration is needed for the AXI 016. The AXI 016 audio expansion interface also supports audio DSP systems that integrate a DMP 128 Plus and a DTP CrossPoint matrix switcher.

"There's been a growing demand from our customers for the ability to expand the number of outputs on a DMP 128 Plus System," says Casey Hall, Vice President of World Wide Sales and Marketing for Extron. "With the AXI 016, we meet that need with sixteen additional outputs in a small 1U, half rack width product. By leveraging the DMP 128 Plus system, with its ProDSP and flexible mix matrix, the AXI 016 expands system capabilities with a very cost effective solution."

Offering 16 analog outputs in a compact 1U, half-rack width enclosure, the AXI 016 provides a powerful tool for AV system designers to create DMP 128 Plus systems that support larger distributed audio applications that were previously not possible using a single DMP 128 Plus DSP processor.

The DMP 128 Plus models feature an extensive mix matrix allowing all outputs, including the 16 expansion bus outputs used by the AXI 016, to be discretely sourced and routed from any input. When used with a DMP 128 Plus AT model, Dante™ audio sources can also be processed and routed to the outputs of the AXI 016.

For more information on the AXI 016, click here.



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