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Setting the Bar

How are you setting your business up for success? Or are you? 1/02/2014 10:13 AM Eastern

Setting the Bar

Jan 2, 2014 3:13 PM, Provided by CEDIA

How are you setting your business up for success? Or are you? We get it, things get busy and sometimes it’s about keeping projects moving. But spend too long in this mentality, and you may lose the vision for your company. Surely it’s about more than getting jobs done.

Of course it is.

So we challenge you to set the bar. Set the bar for tracking profitability. Set the bar for taking training on the latest technology. Set the bar for getting your chart of accounts set up. Of course these are just a few examples of areas you can choose to focus on and set a bar for. Look at your business and decide where you want to improve. You could even look at the general report from CEDIA’s Annual Benchmarking Survey to see what other companies in the industry are thinking for this year.

There has never been a better time to look at your company and set some measurable goals. We can help you set the bar, CEDIA offers resources to help you improve your business in a variety of areas.

Set the Bar for Operations

Business Toolkit Series: Increasing Profits - CEDIA members can learn industry-specific practices to improve their bottom line and increase profits. This webinar series is presented by industry veteran and CEDIA Fellow, Leslie Shiner. These webinars are available exclusively to members, and a full archive of past webinars is available. Recent topics have included recurring revenue, job costing, and managing cashflow. Visit to learn more.

Chart of Accounts - A well designed chart of accounts is an essential tool for gathering and organizing a company’s information for financial statements and making business decisions. The CEDIA Recommended Chart of Accounts is a member only tool that includes two levels (basic and intermediate) of charts in Excel, a white paper guide to developing and updating a chart of accounts, a webinar on how to use the tools, and a discussion forum to tap into your peers.

Business Discounts – In addition to offers CEDIA tools to help you operate efficiently, we have partnered with several companies to offer CEDIA members discounts on important operational expenses such as credit card processing, cell phones, and payroll.

Visit to learn more about business discounts and the Chart of Accounts.

Set the Bar for Training

CEDIA has been gradually expanding both online and in-person training so you can continue to develop your skills as a home technology professional. From monthly emerging trends webinars to industry white papers to our brand new Advanced Networking & Systems Integration Boot Camp. CEDIA training is available year round and CEDIA members are eligible for discounts on training.

Check out for upcoming training dates.

Set the Bar for New Business

Generating new business is probably in the back of your mind most of the time. How will you generate leads and how will you explain your expertise to clients? CEDIA can help you there as well!

CEDIA members are placed in the online Electronic Lifestyles® Finder Service, available on CEDIA’s new consumer site. Homeowners, architects, builders and other related trades can search for an electronic systems contractor in any area where CEDIA members do business. This consumer facing site is a huge resource for consumers to learn how a home technology professional can help them achieve their dream system.

There are over 20 CEDIA member benefits designed with you and your business in mind. Learn more about becoming a member at

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