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Cynthia Wisehart on Dante Certification

Do you want to get started on your Dante certification? Do you want to learn the basics of VoIP for AV integrators so you can talk shop with your IT counterparts?

If your New Year’s refresh was to set professional development goals, I’d like to help. There seems to be lots of energy around this idea and there are now so many ways to find training.

It occurred to me, however, that looking for training can be kind of a time suck, especially if you are not focused by something structured like getting your CTS credential.

If you’re not entirely sure how/where to start, this month we have two opportunities that may work for you.

If you are interested in Dante training and certification, we will start you down that path. I’ll be hosting a free webcast with Audinate’s lead trainer Danu Vino called Training Track: Dante Level 1 Certification & Intro to Dante Training. We’ll introduce you to the Dante certification roadmap, what the steps and formats are, as well as point you to some informal Dante training that you can sample if you’re not ready to pursue a certification.

During this one-hour webcast, you’ll actually earn your Level 1 Dante certification. You will need to go online at your convenience to take a test to confirm your credentials and at that time you’ll also receive 2 CTS RUs.

So for a one-hour investment of time you’ll get some tangible progress toward certification and a chance to find out if Dante certification is right for you.

Later in the month, we’ll introduce you to Biamp’s extensive training program in much the same way, with VoIP for AV Integrators & Intro to Biamp Training. Biamp’s Michael Leoncini and I will walk you through what is available and how to get varying levels of certification up to AV Master. We’ll also look at some of informal training resources that Biamp has as well so you’ll get the lay of the land.

And–during the webcast you’ll also complete the first section of Biamp’s VoIP training. This will give you some useful VoIP knowledge, plus move you down the path toward certification and give you a chance to sample the style of Biamp’s training.

Watch for emails to register. I’m also linking to these registrations in my Pro AV Today newsletters, or you can check in here.

Hope to see you at one of these sessions.

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