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Best of Show at ISE 2023

The Best of Show awards at the 2023 ISE Show recognize innovation and excellence in new and recently introduced products and for professional AV products and solutions. Winners are evaluated from among submitted products.

7thSense’s Juggler

Juggler is the 7thSense pixel processing range designed to simplify management of multiple video sources and outputs for complex high-resolution systems, multi-screen experiences, mega canvasses, and warped/ blended projection displays. Juggler has the headroom and scalability to support incredibly large systems needing UHD @ 60FPS 10-bit 4:4:4 signals. Juggler supports input and output signals up to DCI 4K @ 60FPS 12-bit 4:4:4, and various other signal types at 120FPS. When moving to larger, more complex systems, the new Juggler 2RU system has two ultra-highspeed slots for signal networks/bussing (25G+) and four high speed slots to support a variety of baseband signal interfaces, including DisplayPort and HDMI. If warp, blend, and/or pixel mapping is required, processing can be re-programmed and bandwidth adjusted to handle geometry adjustments, blend overlays, and re-mapping of pixels. Warp and blend functionality leverages industry standard 2D MPCDI files generated by several camera-based auto-calibration systems. Juggler supports standards conversion, windowing, scaling, warp and blend outputs for projection, assembly of mega-canvasses, and Active/Passive 3D conversion. A bussed Juggler system can handle a common canvas up to 32 x UHD 60FPS 10-bit 4:4:4. Touch panel interface allows users to configure system settings as well as display a confidence monitoring NDI feed of video inputs/outputs. IntelligentSource data contains telemetry info about the video stream and the upstream render engine. Users can define thresholds for frame rate, render rate, GPU health, frame drops, and more. If any of these thresholds are crossed, the system can automatically trigger user-defined actions, such as switching to a backup source. From the judges: “7thSense’s Juggler is a pixel processing powerhouse designed to allow creative artists to warp, blend, and reshape realities during live productions. The versatility of the Juggler is complimented by the rest of the 7thSense portfolio.”

7thSense R-Series 10

This is the new high-performance 7thSense hardware platform, designed for the most demanding generative projects and complex media-based attractions, leveraging generative engines like Unreal Engine and Unity. Designed from the ground up and certified for professional use and resale in countries around the world, the hardware benefits from advanced PCIe 4.0 graphics cards and storage devices available today. Users can choose from Delta media server software or run Unreal, Unity, Notch, TouchDesigner, or any software of choice. The hardware can be configured with whatever GPUs, storage, and add-in cards are needed. SMPTE ST 2110 support is provided with add-in cards and plug-ins for Unity and Unreal Engine. A front panel LCD touch interface provides health status, live NDI output preview (for confidence monitoring) and IP configuration running from a dedicated Linux-based subsystem meaning no compromise on main system performance and confidence monitoring. The R-Series is also available to purchase as a standalone hardware product – without 7thSense software or system interface – for the very first time. From the judges: “If you’re working in a high-end environment, the 7thSense R-Series 10 is an exciting generative hardware solution with impressive power. Built on an impressive hardware architecture, it’s ready to help you achieve your creative vision for live productions.”

Aurora Multimedia IPX-UC1 ULTRA

Aurora Multimedia will be demonstrating an advanced unified communication IP Streaming solution utilizing SDVoE technology and more. The IPX-UC1 ULTRA is the industry’s first 4K transceiver capable of simultaneous encode and decode over a single cable with zero compression or lossless compression with zero frame latency. What really separates the IPX-UC1 is the ability to stream 10G, 1G, and 10/100 at the same time in both directions. Advanced compression CODECs for H.264, H.265, and NDI are all part of the highly integrated Ultra platform. The internal Pentium class processor with 1TB SSD allows for Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and more; this supports high quality locally while providing remote content. The processor can also do an optional WIFI (future capability) for BYOD applications of wireless laptop and mobile connections as a source. The input card slot provides 3 choices of cards depending on the application needs. These inputs in addition to the SDVoE output and processor output can be routed to either of the two external HDMI outputs or the SDVoE and processor inputs. This is made possible with a quad scaler processor with advanced features. These features consist of contrast edge blending for side-by-side projectors, image rotation for portrait and jigsaw puzzle mode videowalls, chroma keying for overlaying of sources on top of others, vector scope and pattern generation for signal integrity diagnosing; localized seamless switching and windowing opens new capabilities of encode side processing and the bitmap OSD engine can enhance content on input and outputs. From the judges: “Aurora has changed the way integrators can solve customers’ complex AV needs with a single platform. The IPX-UC1 might just be the new swiss army knife of unified communications.”

VuWall TRX 3.4 Video Wall Management Software

In military, education, and process control applications where pristine imaging and live real-time information is of critical importance, control room operators require video wall solutions where information from various content sources and multiple brands are delivered in adherence to high-quality, low-latency standards. VuWall has done continuous development and updates of its TRx centralized video wall management platform. Now the company brings zero latency by introducing distributed video wall management for SDVoE technology. TRx combines AV-over-IP distribution, advanced multi-video wall, and KVM management with easy drag-and-drop and without any programming. TRx’s new Multiview feature allows users to build a stitched video wall on a single logical surface where they can easily position sources freely across displays. Operators can create layouts and presets, including picture-in-picture, where multiple SDVoE sources can be processed by a single decoder on a single display or across multiple decoders on larger video walls. TRx’s interoperable design allows for any third-party SDVoE source to be routed to the SDVoE video wall, maintaining the full 4K60 video quality from glass-to-glass, including HDCP 2.2 content. This latest release also includes SDVoE USB routing, where users can plug in a USB device such as a keyboard and mouse, a USB key, or a camera, and allow bi-directional USB communication between the decoders and sources. From the judges: “VuWall understands that information is power. The strength of the VuWall ecosystems is its drag-and-drop configuration of systems both small and large. VuWall has mastered the capabilities of SDVoE and delivers advanced features, scalability and value that other solutions have yet to achieve.”


AV LINK’s IPS-AC SDVoE transceiver (uncompressed & zero-latency 4K/60Hz AV Over IP) transmits a venue-wide A/V signal at 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 over a 10-Gigabit network. To meet the needs of interactive training, various sports events, and gatherings of different sizes, the IPS-AC supports diversified video modes – matrix switch, multiview display, video wall, and KVM. The optimized hardware layout of the IPS-AC contributes superior heat management with a fan-less design. The IPS-AC supports PoE and transceiver mode, which enables customers to encode and decode transmissions simultaneously. The IPS-AC can extend video, audio, IR (remote control), RS-232, USB, and HID. The IPS-AC also supports flexible control including web GUI with full functions and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for the 3rd party controllers. From the judges: “AV Link’s IPS-AC AVoverIP solution provides a wealth of value to large installations that need to move video, audio, and control signals using an zero-latency solution. The AV Link Group’s transceiver solution allows you to maximize creative designs while minimizing inventory needs.”

Bolin Technology D220UH Dual- Stream Dante AV PTZ Camera

The D412UH and D220UH PTZ cameras send simultaneous Dante AV Ultra and Dante AV–H streams, providing maximum flexibility when designing and deploying Dante AV. A common pain point for integrators and customers is solving for a variety of use cases within the same facility. With Dante AV, we now have the option of Ultra or H. Each has distinct advantages with differences in image quality, bandwidth, and cost. Bolin has leveraged its broadcast PTZ camera expertise, Dante AV early–adopter experience, and decades of manufacturing to bring this world’s first Dual-Stream Dante AV capability to market. This is not an either/or choice, but a true, simultaneous Dual Stream. When the highest-quality image, with the lowest latency and perfectly timed audio is needed, Dante AV Ultra is the best solution. An Ultra video flow can be subscribed to hardware and software endpoints with equal ease, delivering the best Dante AV experience. Dante AV-H is available when a quality image with lower bandwidth is a priority, and a software platform endpoint meets the need. From the judges: “This unique camera allows your design to solve complex signal routing using less hardware. This dual support of Ultra and H Dante streams can be a significant value within Higher Education and HOW applications. Using one product to achieve these goals might help your bid deliver maximum value with reduced footprints and installation cost.”

Crestron Ultimate Speakers by Origin Acoustics

The Ultimate In-Ceiling 3” and 8” speakers join the Ultimate Active Subwoofer as the latest additions to the Crestron lineup. The IC3 speakers deliver an impressive sound from a small footprint and are best for new builds to disappear into the design of the space. A brand-new Dual tweeter version of the Crestron Ultimate IC8 speakers deliver the pinnacle performance for demanding installations. The Crestron Ultimate Active Subwoofer is Crestron’s first active subwoofer that enhances the line-up offerings with extremely low frequencies. These new in-wall and in-ceiling speakers provide an easy click-and-turn installation that involves no trim rings or screws. The unique speaker grill notch makes it easy to remove the grill without damaging it. The speakers are made to support the high output and resolution of the DM NAX AoIP platform. The Ultimate Active Subwoofer can provide even more flexibility with the optional wireless extender kit, which means the sub can be placed up to 50ft away from the source. The Ultimate Speakers are suitable for installation in multiple locations with weatherized construction that can easily move from inside to outside for use in patio, sauna, and swimming pool areas. From the judges: “The Crestron Ultimate speaker line continues to refine their audio platform to compliment the strength in control. With the new IC3 model clients will barely see a speaker but enjoy a rich audio experience to match luxury aesthetics.”

EAW AC6 ADAPTive Column Loudspeaker

The newest addition to EAW’s renowned ADAPTive line, the AC6 2-Way Full Range ADAPTive Column Loudspeaker is ideal for blending into the aesthetics of an install as it is available in black, white, and custom colors. Although slightly smaller than its predecessors, AC6 includes just as many cutting-edge features. Thirty-six closely spaced and individually amplified transducers enable Adaptive Performance allowing AC6 to customize coverage to the venue on the fly, for even the most acoustically challenged spaces. Equipped with EAW’s Focusing and DynO digital signal processing, AC6 utilizes six low-frequency transducers and 30 high-frequency transducers, to produce studio-quality audio from 20kHz down to 65Hz. Other features include the integrated Dante redundant networking and analog redundancy capabilities, and an IP54 rating. An infinite number of columns can be arrayed to increase control and low-frequency response. Integrated proximity sensors allow each array to automatically identify its configuration and calculate the required coverage. From the judges: “EAW is back and building the best speakers right here in America. Over the last few years EAW has regained an innovative footing that was central to its early success. The new AC6 shows that EAW’s not only focused on touring sound but have their eyes also set on the integration market.”

ENCO Systems enCaption5

This automated caption and transcription solution offers a cost-effective way to create transcripts and add closed or open captions to both live and pre-recorded content. enCaption5 includes a new, cloud-native architecture; expanded multi-language translation capabilities; integrated caption editing; and a new open API. enCaption combines machine learning with advanced speech-to-text conversion and grammatical structure analysis; it can be deployed on-premises or in hybrid workflows for customers who need traditional signal connectivity or prefer an on-premises solution. Flexible pricing options for cloud-based enCaption5 deployments make the platform more cost-effective. The intuitive UI adapts to different usage environments and allows users to remotely control enCaption5 through a web browser from anywhere. The enhanced enTranslate automated translation plug-in for enCaption5 lets users make content understandable to non-nativespeaking viewers. Translated captions can be embedded into VOD content for subsequent viewing or shown as open-captioned subtitles on local displays to assist in-person. enTranslate’s functionality for enCaption5 includes unit conversion – such as metric to imperial measurements – automatically performed based on source location in over 40 languages. enCaption5’s caption editor allows users to view and refine results of offline or previous real-time transcriptions. Uploaded video files made during live captioning can be played back while displaying the automatically generated captions, with the current word highlighted as the video plays. Users can see confidence scores and edit as needed – useful for unique spellings such as names – and changes are fed back to enCaption5’s intelligent word models to improve future accuracy. From the judges: “Accessibility and equity are not just valued in today’s AV solutions, they’re required. Enco’s automated translation suite delivers stunning value with an easy learning curve for your customers.”


SILVERLINE is an architectural table integration solution in a 10 cm wide package. The name “Silver” denotes the stainless steel material and “Line” indicates that the interior designer or table manufacturer gets a completely designed and equipped technology line in the table, instead of having to integrate several units independently. The mounting frames of ELEMENT ONE’s CONVERS or FOLD! touch monitors, which can be retracted into the table, have the same depth, as do those of the SOCKET-X connector panel and the CONMIC microphone lift. If required, several such units can be installed one behind the other – with radius or dead straight, across corners, in the middle or in several rows. From the judges: “The brands that integrators incorporate say a great deal to their clients. When your solution includes Element One’s SILVERLINE your design expresses confidence, class, and attention to detail.”


This multi-camera switcher allows facilitators to easily switch between 2x USB 3.0/2.0 and 1x HDMI cameras, ensuring that all participants are given equal opportunities to speak and contribute to the conversation. The CAM230 also supports bidirectional audio for videobars, whiteboards, and document cameras (like the Huddly Canvas, or Logitech Scribe). All under 1K USD, the CAM230 is cost-effective, versatile, and easy to use. The CAM230 integrates advanced video quality output to USB (MJPEG) or HDMI 2.0, which is ideal for displays, matrixes, or laptops. Users can switch between cameras with its RS232 and IP control or push-button. This versatile switcher also supports multiple devices on the same host, PoE LAN options, multiple mounting options, visual LED status, and embedded and bidirectional audio. The CAM230 is fully compatible with videoconferencing systems and all USB and HDMI cameras. No drivers required for install. An aluminum enclosure is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Because it is designed and manufactured in Canada, the CAM230 is TAA-compliant, making it a reliable and secure device. From the judges: “As clients look to improve their hybrid workflows the INOGENI CAM230 provides integrators a simple affordable solution to significantly upgrade remote participant UC multimedia experience.”

Just Add Power MaxColor Series 2 Transmitter and Receiver

Introduced last year, this affordable, scalable 4K UHD distribution platform supports today’s 4K content with high frame rates natively over network infrastructures. Now, one year later, Just Add Power has expanded the original lineup with Series 2, adding KVM support and a fiber port connection. MaxColor Series 2 provides flexibility to installs and opens up MaxColor systems to command and control and eSports applications. With MaxColor Series 2, 4K60/4:4:4/36-bit color video can be distributed over a 1Gb managed network using CatX (Cat5e minimum) cable, or over 10g fiber cable, so that integrators can take advantage of the cable that best fits the project. It also supports USB-C, supporting, for example, a web camera, and sends that signal over IP. It will support file transfer, keyboard, video mouse, and touch screen emulation. Integrators can also customize the system to only allow users to do emulation, but not add or remove files to the computer, for applications requiring limited security access. From the judges: “This enhancement provides integrators a 4k/4:4:4 video transport system using either copper or fiber. The additional features and Audio/USB/KVM connectivity packed into the small form factor solution increase the value of the product line expanding its use in more environments.”

LEA Professional Sharkware

Sharkware, LEA Professional’s first ever application software, allows the user to work in offline and online states on a system’s amplification configuration to ensure a more seamless, accessible, and flexible user experience. The new software, which was developed with the help of integrator and customer feedback, includes sought-after features including amplifier grouping, offline design, granular user access control levels, and a graphical EQ. Sharkware incorporates key features from LEA Professional’s existing Web UI tool, ensuring they are available for integrators working on larger installations with a greater number of Connect Series amplifiers. Sharkware allows users to monitor the status of every amplifier connected to the network as well as the status and performance of individual channels. In addition, it gives users the ability to view and adjust channel settings such as input settings, signal generator, crossover, equalizer, limiter, and load monitoring. Sharkware is free to download, available for both Windows and Mac and is compatible with all LEA Professional Connect Series amplifiers. From the judges: “LEA might be new to the game but they’ve brought a team of industry professionals to challenge the way audio converges and is controlled with IT. Integrators will really appreciate the way they are leaning into smart amplifier design and Sharkware is going to change the way your design team thinks about traditional DSP ecosystems.”

Matrox Video Matrox ConvertIP Encoders/Decoders

These encoders/decoders are built on IPMX, the Pro AV market’s emerging set of open standards for standardized and interoperable AV over IP. The IPMX-ready ConvertIP Series facilitates the integration of new products and platforms into existing and future networks while supporting multiple connectivity options—including HDBaseT—as well as both compressed and uncompressed 4K IP signals over 1, 10, and 25 GbE networks. Combining encoder or decoder functionality on compact, PoE+-powered devices simplifies integration efforts; ConvertIP’s fanless and redundant design ensures reliable 24/7 operation across a wide range of AV/IT environments. This allows integrators to overcome the limitations of single-vendor solutions, now allowing them to select best-of-breed products to build bridges across different products and technologies for interoperable and scalable AV over IP. Integrators will also appreciate ConvertIP’s transmit and receive functionality on the same hardware design. In addition, the NMOS open API makes it possible for integrators to have choices for existing discovery and routing applications for AV signals or to use the NMOS APIs to tailor an application to their customer’s unique needs. HDBaseT-based environments can continue to use their existing HDBaseT equipment and infrastructure investments while incorporating ConvertIP encoders/decoders to serve as bridges to transport HDBaseT sources to HDBaseT endpoints over IP. From the judges: “The power is the ability to sell your customers a solution and not just an ecosystem. In today’s environment of supply chain holes, ConvertIP has the potential to sharpen your project timelines. Using ConvertIP’s six models you can now harness the power of IPMX to help meet a variety of connectivity challenges in the field.”

PTZOptics Move 4k

This universally compatible 4K PTZ camera allows users to bring hands-free, dynamic, 4K video capture and conferencing to spaces of any size. The Move 4K captures video at 4K, 60fps (1080p at 60fps over SDI). It features built-in auto-tracking; users can also enable and disable auto-tracking and define tracking zones with the new PTZOptics Web UI. A built-in tally light means subjects always know which cameras are live. The Move 4K works with all major videoconferencing, lecture capture, and content management software. The Move 4K is available with 12X, 20X, or 30X optical zoom—for a variety of spaces. It features simultaneous outputs for SDI, HDMI, USB, and IP, and ships with native NDI|HX. From the judges: “PTZOptics MOVE 4k camera solution is a worthy consideration for both retrofit and new systems design. The MOVE 4k platform has all the control and video output formats necessary and the ability for integrators to select from three optical zoom lens options helps you provide a consistent visual experience no matter the distance.”

New Tek TriCaster Mini X

With the TriCaster Mini X media producers have everything they need, simplified and accessible from their desktop. The new addition to the iconic TriCaster family is the first to feature Live Link, a feature that brings the power of the internet directly into TriCaster. This means users can easily pull any web page element into a production, without the need to use third-party applications. Ranging from graphics or images to videos from internal training platforms, this turns the entire internet into a source for productions. TriCaster Mini X turns any space into a full multi-source production studio. It offers increased capabilities, including access to eight external sources, with four integrated HDMI inputs supporting modern resolutions up to 4Kp30, HTML rendering directly in the switcher, access to HTML 5 motion graphics, web-based video playback, and more – without using another computer. Built on a core of NDI, the TriCaster Mini X can do video switching, media playback, virtual sets, social media integration, graphics, recording, streaming, and more. From the judges: “The latest TriCaster Mini X provides integrators a proven turnkey solution to equip clients with a powerful production suite at untouchable price points in a small, portable and scalable solution. While cheaper solutions can be found on the market your clients will ultimately reach hardware limitations where the TriCaster Mini X just begins to shine.”

tvONE CALICO PRO Video Processor 

This is the first of a new line of ultra-powerful video processors with multi-window, multi-screen, and multi-layer capabilities based upon tvONE’s latest, fifth generation 4K/8K, 10bit processing engine on a new, high-bandwidth, flexible, 2RU hardware platform. The CALICO PRO Video Processor has been designed from the ground up to ensure that no detail is lost, from computer graphics, broadcast sources, IP Streams, still images and multimedia clips at their native resolution up to 8K. CALICO PRO is perfect for Direct View LED walls, extensive projector edge blends or displays, or even a mix of all three. The fifth-generation, proprietary processing engine delivers visibly enhanced image fidelity and additional video processing flexibility. Advanced features support no fixed window limits and ultra-low latency, 4K60, 10bit, 4:4:4 image processing, and HDR10 support. The standard I/O configuration has eight HDMI 2.0 inputs and four HDMI 2.0 outputs that are 4K60, 10bit, and HDR capable. In addition to HDMI connectivity, it is also possible to decode and encode IP streams. For larger systems, it is possible to add custom I/O modules for IP decode, media playback, digital AV, and broadcast connectivity. From the judges: “tvONE has long been known for image quality and hardware that integrators can lean on in demanding environments. With the new CALICO PRO video wall processor, they build upon their storied CORIOMaster line to now support 4k/8k resolutions in a compact form factor.”

WyreStorm Technologies NHD-CTL-PRO

With this new generation of HD AV Signal Distribution, controlling the signal routing is done through a network controller (Wyrestorm NHD Controller is the NHD-CTL-PRO). The WyreStorm NHD-CTL-PRO reimagines how a system should operate and makes the deployment and configuration of any NHD system up to 256 screens possible in mere minutes. WyreStorm has designed the NHD-CTL-PRO from the ground up with out-of-the-box compatibility with all the major network switches manufacturers. All configurations can be made from one wizard-driven user interface. This includes adjusting IP address, naming endpoints, creating video walls, firmware updates and much more. This intuitive user interface can be accessed from any device with a web browser. At 1RU it occupies minimal space, which also includes USB and HDMI port options to physically connect to it while configuring the NHD System. A setup wizard guides you from start to finish. The NHD-CTL-PRO is compatible with all NHD Lineups. From the judges: “The NHD-CTL-PRO controller saves time configuring NHD systems with its unified software platform and intuitive control experience. Already valued for its built-in security the ultra-low latency this new generation is worthy of consideration for your next large endpoint systems.”

Vaddio IntelliSHOT-M

This professional ePTZ camera is Certified for Microsoft Teams. Advanced IntelliFrame technology and 30x zoom makes the IntelliSHOT-M camera ideal for auto-tracking presenters in large boardrooms or framing a group of coworkers in smaller conference rooms. Pro AV Integrators can adjust the experience based on the room conditions and user’s preferences. Vaddio’s IntelliFrame technology results from years of research and engineering, for a natural and reliable auto-framing experience. Other cameras on the market rely on facial recognition and typically fail with facial coverings or falsely identify objects like posters on the wall or woodgrain on furniture as people. IntelliFrame uses a combination of exceptionally sensitive motion detection and sophisticated algorithms to deliver smooth, accurate, and reliable participant framing—without using facial recognition. Customizable framing settings give integrators the power to adjust the speed, sensitivity, image size, and more. A simple-to-use masking feature tells the camera to ignore motion in a specific area, making it an excellent choice for open-concept offices, flex spaces, and rooms with glass dividers. The IntelliSHOT-M camera uses the same image processing and zoom technology found in the awardwinning RoboSHOT Elite series of cameras. From the judges: “The IntelliSHOT-M ePTZ brings auto-tracking to the classroom and boardroom with value-added features and accessories that only Legrand AV can provide. Management through the deployment tool or web interface allows you to customize the user experience with minimal effort.”

Atlona OmniStream 2.0

In a unique move, Atlona has reimagined a seven-year-old product and, rather than discontinue it, enhanced it with new features. OmniStream 2.0 is a free firmware update for its existing AV over IP platform that brings enhanced video quality, decreased latency, fast switching, a reduction in Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth utilization, plus additional features. At the heart of this update is the new VCx codec that supports 4K60 4:4:4 video over Gigabit Ethernet; decoder Multiview for layouts at each decoder; Ethernet link testing; ultra-low encode-to-decode latency of less than 1 frame (<3 ms) for lag-free IMAG; encoder dual streaming over 1 GbE; and encoder thumbnails. The features are available across the OminStream endpoints, now and for the future with now new part numbers. From the judges: “This demonstrates Atlona’s commitment to integrators as it enhances its already powerful OmniStream 2.0 hardware solution. The value in the latest upgrade is the ability to support 4k60 4:4:4 on 1G infrastructure allowing you to enhance existing products in the field or achieving greater cost savings when bidding against other vendors product lines.”

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