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Bexel ESS Showcases Remote Camera Installations at High-Profile Sports Organizations

BURBANK, Calif. — May 31, 2017 —

A range of professional and college sports teams are looking to Bexel ESS to design and install highly versatile remote camera systems for video capture during games and practice sessions. Bexel ESS can point to a number of successful recent installations, including those for the Michigan State University Spartans football team and the Notre Dame University lacrosse teams.

“These installations are a real showcase of how we can help sports organizations leverage video as a tool for more effective coaching and player/team performance,” said John Mills, director of business development, Bexel ESS. “For both Michigan State and Notre Dame, we were able to get creative and design camera placement solutions that met their unique requirements and worked within existing constraints in each arena.”

The coaching staff for the Michigan State University Spartans wanted to add a second end zone camera in Spartan Stadium to aid in practice sessions and also to study the movements of the team and its opponents during games. Since the stadium design would not allow for an additional camera platform, Bexel ESS designed a custom pole for mounting a single pan, tilt, and zoom camera high enough to clear the video ribbon board and provide the optimal camera angle. The fully weatherproof camera system is connected via single mode fiber to a patch panel for video and control, and a custom-designed case houses the camera control equipment.

“Now that we have cameras on both end zones, our coaches have a much more comprehensive view of the action during both practice sessions and games,” said Matt Harper, director of technology, Michigan State Spartans. “And we love the camera control case. The Bexel ESS team put a lot of thought into its design, and it’s extremely easy to set up — our operators simply roll it out and connect it to the fiber patch panel and power, and they’re good to go.”

Bexel ESS installed two remote cameras in the University of Notre Dame lacrosse stadium, and also designed and built a camera control system for the lacrosse teams. One camera is mounted on the top of the stadium wall to provide a sideline view via CAT6, and the other is mounted on an existing pole in the end zone that is also in use for a football camera. For the end zone camera, Bexel ESS provided a fiber connection to the video control system.

“We really appreciate that Bexel ESS came in, analyzed our facility, and figured out how to use existing structures for simplicity’s sake, and for time and cost savings,” said Connor Sullivan, director of women’s lacrosse operations for the University of Notre Dame. “We’ve worked with Bexel ESS on numerous projects in the past, including design and construction of our football video control offices, so we knew we were in good hands for the installation of these new cameras. And now our lacrosse coaches have an enhanced ability to view team activities from multiple camera angles and capture the video for later analysis.”

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About Bexel ESS:

Bexel ESS, a division of Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions, is the choice vendor for custom systems integration, managed services, and fiber-optic solutions for high-profile broadcasters and networks. Launched in 2012, Bexel ESS designs and installs complete, turnkey solutions for permanent facilities, major events, live game production, and enterprise markets. Bexel ESS pioneered the conversion of copper cable plant systems to optical fiber, and today specializes in design, implementation, and maintenance of broadcast cable plants.

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Panasonic AW-HE130 Remote Camera System Installed by Bexel ESS

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Bexel ESS Remote Camera System Installation

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Panasonic AW-HE60 Remote Camera System Installed by Bexel ESS

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