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Case Study: Steatite, UK

UK-based Steatite manufacturs computing products for harsh environments and was looking to replicate that no-margin-forerror standard in their own video conferencing system.

“We were looking to implement a video conferencing solution across all offices to improve engagement with our employees, remote sales forces and customers and at the same time, reduce the ‘dead’ time spent traveling to and from meetings, and the associated travel costs,” said Jonathan Jackson, Operations Director for Steatite.

Systems Integrator, Bamboo Technology Group, recommended ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Pro 300 system, installing it in each of Steatite’s five office locations. The result has not only improved collaboration but also improved sales efficiency while reducing costs, says Ben Rossiter, Account Manager at Bamboo.

The improved collaboration has been made possible in part by the COLLABORATE Pro 300’s ability to stream various forms of content from PCs onto displays wirelessly. The ClearOne system brings traditional SIP/H.323 video conferencing, Skype for Business, Spontania cloud video, audio and web conferencing and multi-user wireless presentation into a single appliance. This provides a consistent user interface and experience, connecting boardroom conference technology with remote participants on desktops and mobile devices.

The system also features ClearOne UNITE 150 PTZ cameras (HD video with 1080p 30fps) to deliver more natural video collaboration. ClearOne’s CHAT 150C speakerphones are specifically designed for group collaboration with their HDConference audio processing, proprietary echo, noise cancellation and full-duplex technology.

Bamboo Technology Group also provided training at each office location to ensure that the ClearOne video conferencing and collaboration solution has been effective right from the start, integrating with the company’s existing systems and devices and providing the necessary security standard.

The system was immediately put to work for a company-wide supplier demonstration from Steatite’s head office. “Without the ClearOne COLLABORATE Pro 300 solution, multiple people would have had to travel to a single office to attend a three-hour training session, resulting in countless collective unproductive hours per person,” said Jackson.

In addition, Jackson claims the ClearOne solution has revolutionized monthly sales meetings. Sales team members no longer drive across the country to attend. Instead they join from their home office.

“The document-sharing capability provided by the ClearOne solution has proven more beneficial than expected for us and has been really well received by all meeting participants,” said Jackson.

With the success of the initial installation and usage, Steatite is considering the purchase of additional Spontania Cloud Meeting Rooms and having administration rights rolled out to individual sales people so they can conduct more meetings when working remotely. Steatite meetings are now often scheduled via videoconferencing as the first option.


COLLABORATE Pro 300 video conferencing system 

Brings traditional SIP/H.323 videoconferencing, Skype for Business, Spontania cloud web conferencing and multi-user wireless presentation into a single appliance all with consistent user interface and user experience.

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