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Case Study: Agua Caliente, California

As a luxury casino, resort, and spa, Agua Caliente in Palm Springs, California was looking to further push the boundaries of aesthetics and create a unique, immersive experience.

Through the use of a curved wide-scale visual display in its new sports bar, 360 Sports, patrons in the sports bar as well as all guests entering the resort would see the eye-catching visuals, showcasing the high quality and design that the resort wanted to convey. Most distinctively, the installation would be a sports bar with no TV.

To truly wow guests, the resort was seeking an intricate video wall design that would require a complex installation with curved walls and recessed displays. In addition to the shape of the wall, which affected display alignment, 360 Sports was still under construction. Further adding pressure around the project was the tight timeline tied to a New Year’s Eve launch, only allowing 10-16 days to complete the full installation.

To meet the fast deadline, Advanced LED Displays was chosen as the integrator for the project. They selected Unilumin for the LED screens, and Peerless-AV for its LED mounts. At the time, Peerless-AV was the only manufacturer whose mounts would work for the curved wall, however, the integrator also selected the product based on Peerless-AV’s SEAMLESS LED Video Wall Integration program. Peerless-AV started the program to integrate aspects of flexibility, cost effectiveness and customer service for LED walls; the entire Peerless-AV LED Solutions Team is available every step of the way for these installations.

In this way, Peerless-AV was able to install the LED mounts that allowed 360 Sports to become the first sports bar without televisions. The entire installation process was simple and completed before the tight deadline. The casino was thrilled with the ending outcome and guests can now enjoy the action from anywhere in the sports bar, in an atmosphere that transcends the usual sports bar clichés.

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