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Case Study: Reforma, CA

Nestled in the heart of Palm Springs California, Reforma is a multi-room venue that includes a full bar, a fine-dining experience, and a nightclub. Given the diverse nature of the venue’s spaces, Reforma needed to be equipped with a sound system that would offer the ability to both blend and separate experiences. Fortunately, Pioneer PRO AUDIO’s XY Series and CM Series offered the flexibility and sound quality the venue required.

As construction for the venue began, Reforma owner Rob Giesecke and his team conducted a noise study to determine the best sound system solution that would complement the building’s architectural design and encapsulate energy while also being respectful to neighborhood residents.

Giesecke enlisted Alex Montenegro, Owner and System Designer at Sonus Systems, to specify and deploy a solution that suited the venue’s needs. With the ownership group’s existing purchase and experience with Pioneer PRO AUDIO at Reforma’s sister venue, Chill Bar, the team was comfortable choosing the brand for their next venture.

Montenegro provided various products from Pioneer PRO AUDIO’s XY Series, a versatile loudspeaker series that is suitable for a wide variety of venues and applications, regardless of size. The warehouse ceiling of the raw space was replaced with the decorative ceiling of the original department store and integrated with speakers in both the dining room and event space. The units were tuned to accommodate each room’s specific needs while also providing flexibility to be synced or utilized separately.

Among the products, the team utilized 12 of the XY-2E which allows the venue to build point-source arrays in a wide variety of configurations. The XY-2E maintains the favored X-phase system while enabling individual control of the 8-inch cone driver and 1-inch compression driver.

“Pioneer PRO AUDIO’s products have always been high-performing and reliable but what is so favorable about the XY Series specifically is how they continue to upgrade them,” Alex Montenegro shared, “For example, the ease of integration into our space is highly desirable as they can put them into various clusters.”

Additionally, Reforma utilized Pioneer PRO AUDIO’s surface mount CM Series, the small surface mount speakers are designed for discreet installation in a variety of spaces where reliability is crucial while producing high-quality sound. Within the series the team utilized 18 CM-S56T throughout the bathrooms, corridors and lounges, which are built to blend and fill tight spaces with punchy sound.

“Pioneer PRO AUDIO is very proud to be a part of such a versatile venue,” John Powell, President at AlphaTheta Music Americas shared. As Reforma Palm Springs continues to blend nightlife and dining experiences, Pioneer PRO AUDIO’s XY and CM Series will continue to encapsulate the venue’s energy through reimagining sound.

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