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WATCH: How the Louvre’s first VR experience came to life


A VR Mona Lisa experience stands as the centerpiece of a new Paris Musée du Louvre exhibition celebrating the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci. The attraction is the museum’s first virtual reality experience; it centers around the Mona Lisa and events that led to its creation.

Millions of people annually visit the Louvre to see the masterpiece. However, they must view the small painting through a special glass and steel case, often from a distance in a crowded room. To offset this, content creators developed Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass in partnership with HTC Vive Arts and Emissive VR. The result presents the painting in a completely new way. Once inside the HTC Vive headset, viewers have some privacy from the crowd, and can see details normally hidden to the naked eye.

The exhibition is also open remotely to HTC Vive owners all over the world; they can access an extended home version through Viveport.

Watch the videos below for more.


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