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Inter-M Power Amps Drive New Organ Design

Inter-M Power Amps Drive New Organ Design

Jul 6, 2006 8:00 AM

Inter-M QD-4480 4-channel power amplifiers drive an new organ design from Innova Organs, which uses digital modeling to work directly with audio waveforms. The proprietary modeling language, developed by Bradford University and then refined by Musicom (both in the U.K.), can be used as a control system for traditional pipe organs, as the basis for digital organs, or a combination of the two.

Allan Ontko, co-founder of Innova Organs, based in Charleston, S.C, notes that the approach will offer several advantages for churches, the primary customer market. However, these benefits also transfer across all applications.

“By combining a traditional pipe design with this new digital approach, we’re able to provide a compact instrument with a ‘cache’ of pipes,” Ontko said. “Conversely, this approach also works well for those customers without the budget or space for a large number of pipes. The bottom-line is that we let pipes do what they do best, and digital do what it does best, and this way, the organ provides the best of both worlds.”

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