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Listen Ships Stationary IR Products

Listen Technologies has announced it is now shipping the Stationary IR line of products just recently introduced to the industry
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Listen Ships Stationary IR Products

Sep 6, 2006 12:00 PM

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Listen Technologies has announced it is now shipping the Stationary IR line of products just recently introduced to the industry. The product line includes a transmitter, infrared radiator (emitter), two types of receivers, and a variety of accessories.

“We’re excited to start shipping this product line. Much thought and research has gone into this, as well as extensive beta testing, and we are very pleased with the final product. After listening to integrator and consultant input, we designed this system to be incredibly easy to install and use,” says Russell Gentner, president of Listen Technologies. “Our integrator-friendly design provides for clean, fast installation and the system is both secure and highly flexible for end users.”

Gentner cites the use of industry-standard cabling as well as special design considerations for the system’s ease of installation. “Our radiators are powered from the transmitter, meaning you don’t have to worry about locating power supplies near the radiators,” Gentner says. “We power the radiators using standard Cat-5 cabling. In addition, we’ve incorporated a delay setting in the radiators so that when multiple radiators are used in a room, all of them can easily be set to the correct delay without the need for extraneous cabling on the shorter runs.”

Gentner noted that the system transmitter is capable of generating either a mono or stereo carrier for the IR system. “It’s no longer necessary to buy two transmitters just to create a stereo signal,” he says.

Listen offers two types of receivers for use with its Stationary IR system, a stetho receiver and a lanyard receiver. Both receivers can be operated on standard AAA alkaline batteries or an optional NiMH rechargeable battery pack. “Because we offer the use of standard AAA batteries, users can quickly recover from a dead-battery situation,” Gentner notes.




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